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Dota 2: The 2017 Collector's Aegis of Champions finally being shipped to South Africa

Grand finals Aegis.jpg

As the dust settled over Seattle in August 2017 and The International 2017 came to a thrilling conclusion, the ability for Dota 2 players to level up their Battle Pass also came to an end shortly afterwards. For those avid fans who spent quite a lot of money on levelling up their Battle Pass, Valve offered some amazing rewards.

Team Liquid claims the Aegis of Champions in the image above

For Battle Pass level 1000, you would get the 2017 Collector’s Aegis of Champions, a 1/5th-scale alloy replica of the famed prize. At level 2000, you get the Baby Roshan statue, which looks absolutely stunning. I couldn’t help myself last year and made my way to roughly level 1200, at which point I registered my Steam account for the Collector’s Aegis of Champions.

It has been five months of waiting and now, finally, I received confirmation that the Collector’s Aegis of Champions is on its way to South Africa. Check out the email I received from Valve below:

"Thank you for achieving level 1,000 in The International 2017 Battle Pass and for providing your shipping information on the sign-up form. The 2017 Collector's Aegis of Champions will soon be yours!

CMD Collectibles has partnered with Valve to provide The 2017 Collector's Aegis of Champions reward for all qualified recipients. Please note that CMD is the creator and distributor of The 2017 Collector’s Aegis of Champions.

ti6 aegis.jpg

The image above shows the 2016 Collector’s Aegis.

I expect the 2017 Aegis to have a blue theme. At the moment, it looks like the Collector’s Aegis of Champions is leaving Hong Kong according to the tracking number provided. Further, it is important to note that it is being shipped to the South African post office, as no courier service has been mentioned, so check your mailbox in the next couple of weeks. Judging by past experience of how long it takes to ship from Hong Kong, a collection notification should be in your mailbox roughly at the end of this month.

Are you awaiting your 2017 Collector’s Aegis of Champions and what do you think about the time it has taken to start shipping to South Africa? Let us know in the comment section below.

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