Digital Foundry in hot water after false Xbox One X analysis video

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I am quite a big fan of Digital Foundry as their tech analysis breakdowns provide all the information we need on the best games on the market. Their detailed breakdown of frame rate and resolution across titles provide the information we cannot see for ourselves and they have managed to become the industry's leading source for all this. Well, I am contemplating their work ethic after hearing the news regarding 34BigThings and their latest Redout release on Xbox One X. 

A few days ago the team at Digital Foundry posted a video (now removed) with an analysis on Redout: Lightspeed Edition and their breakdown pointed out that the game ran at 1080p on the Xbox One X. As gamers typically do, the outcry of entitlement was as real as ever as Xbox One X owners started bashing the studio and the developers across social media and on YouTube too. This was mainly due to the fact that the PS4 Pro version of the game runs at a higher frame rate than the Xbox One X, well according to Digital Foundry's breakdown that is. 

"Your Xbox X version is a sign of a lazy developer. Make it better" said some gamers with others just being disappointed after Digital Foundry so-called "exposed the truth". It seems that the truth is not what it seems as wccftech took matters into their own hands and made contact with 34BigThings CEO Valerio Di Donato who claims that Digital Foundry's breakdown is completely false and that the studio will be taking legal action against the YouTube channel to help fix their public image. 

According to Di Donato, the video is a "pure, straight lie". The Xbox One X version of the game got a 4K update a few weeks before the video was made that introduced dynamic resolution scaling. This saw a 50 - 90 percent boost in resolution in the game. As for the frame rate, the developers state that they simply cannot keep 60 but it runs at a 45+ threshold depending on how many racers are in the race with you. With that being said, they are working to improve this factor too. The main highlight here is that the game does not run at 1080p on the Xbox One X at all and the developers of Redout are not happy about this as they have worked tirelessly on the game, as indie developers do.

We are currently looking into legal action to defend our public image. Not only because we dislike being called lazy or incompetent gratuitously, but also to send a message to the players and the industry. Gamedevs (indies especially) are amongst the most hard working people, to the point that burnout and crunch culture in game development is widespread. Really, just stop calling them lazy to the first hiccup. And don’t fabricate excuses for calling them lazy. Ok? Thank you. Di Donato states.

Digital Foundry has since removed the video and have apologized in a tweet but is that really enough? I, for one, will be second-guessing their future analysis of games as they have clearly been caught out this time.

Do you think we trust them too easy? Let us know in the comments below.

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