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New Far Cry 5 gameplay shows off epic new locations and features

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We know that Far Cry 5 is looking good but since its delay from February 2018 to 27 March 2018 we thought we would not see any new gameplay until next year. Well, Ubisoft treated us all to a brand new gameplay video set in Holland Valley where the studio takes you through some of the activities you will be able to take on when you are not on a mission in the game. 

These activities include hunting, timed stun racers, and fishing too. Ubisoft detailed the fact that once you start the game you can go wherever you want and do whatever you want to do without being locked out of certain areas and activities due to being a low level or not unlocking that region of the map yet. The map will be fully explorable by any means. You can fast travel and drop out of the sky and parachute down, fly anywhere in a helicopter or just smash through the lands in a massive 18-wheeler truck. 

The world is filled with new things to see and do with hidden treasures around every corner protected by puzzles or deadly predators. You can even grab a wingsuit and fly through the gorgeous valleys. Ubisoft says that the magic of Far Cry 5 happens when the crazy world, fiery explosions, and dangerous wildlife all come together as one, and personally, I would not want it any other way as that is why we love the series so much. 

The trailer also goes into detail explaining how the cult, the main enemies in the game and radical religious maniacs, level up as you progress. You will start off the game with the cult being a bunch of armed men and as you and your resistance take over the lands they will then level up and become stronger and wield new powerful guns and even use vehicles to keep you away. 

Take a look at the full gameplay trailer below as even more detail is uncovered about the game's Guns for Hire and much more. Far Cry 5 is due for release on 27 March 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. 

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