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Star Wars Battlefront 2's free The Last Jedi update improves the game on multiple fronts

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Say what you will about Star Wars Battlefront 2 and all the controversy surrounding it because I surely did in my review and today, I still stand by that verdict. Even so, the game has seen improvements and developer EA DICE released a huge free update today, further moving in the right direction. Some might think it is still “too little, too late” as the damage has already been done.

Whatever your thoughts on the game, it is improving and the free The Last Jedi update that released earlier today in celebration of the film of the same name, is a massive one. Before we get to all the content, there is some important info for players who have been experiencing some latency issues with the game. The developer has made improvements in “reducing game server lag on large game modes" and in "reducing micro-stuttering / freezes during gameplay".

I didn’t experience any big lag issues during my time with the game, but this morning playing a quick game of Starfighter Assault, I did notice that the small amount of latency and one or two instances of rubber-banding did disappear. Now, let’s get to the content in the update.

Iden’s Journey continues

I’m sure a lot of Star Wars fans are itching to just play the Star Wars Battlefront 2 campaign, as for me it was definitely a story worth experiencing. The story ended on somewhat of a cliff-hanger and I, for one, wanted more. EA DICE has delivered more, as the update includes three new story chapters in the free Resurrection DLC, where you once again play as Iden Versio in her search for answers, while some of the secrets of the First Order conspiracy might even be revealed.

Three chapters isn’t a lot and judging by the main campaign’s chapter length (as well as other reports), it should take less than 2 hours to complete. With that being said, it is still a great free addition and something that wasn’t even really needed, because even though the campaign was short, it was still a memorable experience that Star Wars fans will enjoy.


New heroes, maps and more

Except for the additional story content, there are also two new heroes, two new maps and even two new hero ships for players to enjoy. Check out all the details below.

Finn: “Finn joins the Resistance. A skilled soldier, Finn now uses his training to protect his allies at any cost. Finn charges into battle and deals precise damage blazingly fast to any enemies who dare stand in the way.”

Captain Phasma: “And then we have the imposing commanding officer of the First Order: Captain Phasma. Few are more feared than Captain Phasma as she uses every tool at her disposal to ensure victory."

MAP: CRAIT (Galactic Assault) - “On the mineral planet Crait, the First Order has trapped a group of Resistance fighters at what was once a Rebel Alliance outpost. You’ll see the First Order escorting the massive AT-M6 while Resistance fighters in ski-speeders attempt to stop them.”

NEW MAP: D’QAR (Starfighter Assault) - “As you recall from The Force Awakens, D’Qar is the principal base of the Resistance. Now experience an incredible space battle over that planet as the First Order attacks, threatening to wipe out the base, and the Resistance, once and for all.”

Two new hero ships: “To spice up the space battle, we have also launched a new hero ship – Tallie Lintra’s RZ-2 A-wing. For Poe Dameron, there is a new hero ship upgrade for his T-70 X-wing.”

Bringing balance to the Battlefront

The developer has also made a tonne of balance changes to almost every hero in the game, which you can read all about in the full update notes. For me, the biggest of these changes comes to Boba Fett, who seems to have been nerfed significantly in terms of his damage output. Check out the changes to the most annoying of Heroes below.

  • Decreased each rank of bonus damage gained from Anti-hero rockets by 4
  • Decreased each rank of extra rockets gained from Intense Barrage by 1
  • For the Hunt doesn't give back fuel to the jetpack anymore, instead fuel won’t deplete while it is active
  • The jetpack icon will now turn yellow when Boba Fett uses the For the Hunt ability, indicating that jetpack fuel is unlimited while the ability is active
  • The Blaster Disabler ability no longer disables Boba Fett's, or his allies’, blaster when triggered

Everything considered, the update does add a lot of free content and balances changes, but that’s not all. There are also stability and performance improvements, as well as a tonne of bugs being squashed. Then, the second and third Star Card slots for Trooper Classes have also been unlocked, with new and existing players all receiving three Common Star Cards to fill out those slots. Finally, detection of idle players (those darn bots) have also been improved, so hopefully, we will see less of them in the game.

What do you think about the free The Last Jedi update contents and do you think EA DICE is on the right track? Let us know in the comment section below.

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