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Gift Guide 2017: Christmas with Xbox One

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With the Xbox One X out soon in SA and the great games and accessories you can find for the console, there was no doubt that we had to do an Xbox One Christmas Gift Guide 2017. This list includes some great hardware, accessories, games and other cool things you can buy for your Xbox One or Xbox One X. 

Get an Xbox One X

While I just recently cancelled my Xbox One X order, that does not mean you should not get one yourself. The console is launching on 22 December 2017 and it is a powerhouse of note. Native 4K gaming at often 60 frames per second too, you cannot go wrong with it. Especially if you are an owner of a 4K TV with HDR support as games really come to life like never before on the console. The Xbox One X is available for R7,999 in SA.

Xbox One S

If you are not into all the 4K mumbo jumbo these days then maybe an Xbox One S is your thing. While it does not boast 4K and the power of the Xbox One X, it does have the same awesome collection of Xbox 360 and Xbox One games to catch up on. It is also half the price at only R3,999 for the 500GB model and R4,999 for the 1TB model. You can also grab the 1TB console with a game like Assassin's Creed: Origins, Call of Duty: WWII, Forza 7, Battlefront 2 and more for the same price as the console at R4,999

Xbox One Limited Edition Controller

If you already have the console then why not buy a new controller for it? The Xbox One has a wide range of different controllers both limited and general and the range has some cool colours to add to your gaming style. Our favourite is the green and grey one as it looks pretty epic. You can pick up a controller from around R899 to R1200 depending on the colour and they are available from all gaming retailers in SA. There is the volcanic red one, white, black and much more. 


There is also another awesome brand on the market called PDP and they sell affordable controllers. Well, sort of affordable. The Afterglow range has a transparent shell with some bright lights inside that will set you back R800 and the standard clear shell without the bright lights will cost you R500. 

Battery Packs

Our issue with the Xbox One is its battery-powered controllers. Sure, they mean longer battery life but in the long run, they cost you more and if you don't have any batteries around then you will have to sit with the controller plugged into your console. This is where battery packs come in as they let you use rechargeable batteries that are combined in the pack for a controller so you will never need to replace them. Just use them until the controller is flat and then put it in charge like a controller should be. You can get these packs from anywhere really and they range from R300 to R500 depending on the make. We recommend the Giotek pack, it is a little more expensive ar R450 but it is worth it. 

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Turtle Beach Stealth 600

The latest Turtle Beach range is pretty awesome especially the Stealth 600. This wireless headset has great sound as well as a comfy fit too. It costs R1,499, a good price for a great product. 

Xbox Live Gold

Perhaps you can give someone the gift of online gaming. The Xbox Gold 12 month membership will be a great gift for someone who uses their Xbox One a lot as it will give them online access and free games every month. It is like a gift voucher, only the gift of gaming. This voucher will cost you R799.

External HDD

With the Xbox One X and all its 4K patches, any Xbox one owner will need an external HDD to save all their games on. We recommend nothing under 1TB and even a 2TB should do fine. These will cost you anything from R1000 for a 1TB to R2000 for a 2TB. If you are lucky you might find a 1.5TB for R1000 too, so just shop around. 

So there you have our gift ideas for Xbox One owners. What would you want for Christmas? let us know in the comments below. 

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