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Some original Destiny 2 activities now unavailable without DLC purchase

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First no HDR on PS4 and now players cannot access original Destiny 2 content without having to pay for the latest expansion pack, The Curse of Osiris. Bungie is having a tough time and it seems that it might only get worse as they have yet to answer for the XP cheating that they admitted to a few weeks ago. The Curse of Osiris has been released and players who did not buy the expansion or receive it as part of their expansion pass have been locked out of the original game's content.

Most of the endgame content from the game like the Nightfall Strike and Prestige versions of the Raid have seen a level increase to 330 from 300. This means that players who did not buy the new expansion and cannot increase their level to those tiers are now unable to launch the activities. Basically, all the activities that are the most rewarding are now unplayable due to the level requirement. Keep in mind that the normal Nightfall is still playable but anything with Prestige mode will not be unless you bought the expansion.

Normal raid and Nightfall power level requirements are still low enough to play, but as soon as it comes to Prestige mode then sorry, you are out of luck. The Heroic Strike playlist is also locked unless you have the expansion which makes sense as it is a higher-levelled activity and includes strikes from the expansion too. So not only are players locked out of Prestige content which has both expansion and vanilla activities included, they will also be locked out of the Nightfall when Bungie put a new one on a rotation that week. This week is it the Inverted Spire, a vanilla Strike, but next week if it is a new expansion Strike then players without the content will not be able to play it. Which makes sense. 

The issue is with the Prestige content as now they owned that before with the vanilla game and now they are unable to access it due to its higher level requirements. Basically, it locks players out of content they own which is not right at all. 

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