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Call of Duty: WWII Winter Siege event detailed

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Call of Duty: World War II will see its first community event launch this week. Carentan gets a Winter coat, a fan-favourite game mode returns, special content releases at the new Quartermaster, and a free Winter Siege Supply Drop for those who log in every week during the event. Twitch Prime members get additional freebies during the Winter Siege event.

Call of Duty: WWII Winter Siege

  • Kicks off: Friday, 8 December at 10am Pacific Time
  • Carentan become winter-themed (available for all players during the Winter Siege event only)
  • Captain Butcher takes over as Quartermaster and brings special content for purchase
  • A free Winter Siege Supply Drop releases each week
  • Earn one variant of each weapon for free with Special Orders from Major Howard
  • Obtain a unique Winterized version of each weapon and special Winter Uniforms as Collection Rewards
  • Free loot available for Twitch Prime members (more details to follow on 8 December)
  • The Gun Game King of the Hill mode releases for a limited time (cycles players through a set of weapons, and it gets more challenging the further you progress)
  • Gun Game launches on December 15 (look for a 24/7 Gun Game playlist, along with Double XP and special Gun Game orders from Major Howard)
  • HQ also receives a frosty makeover for the duration of the event

Call of Duty: World War II as well as Battlefield 1 offer players special events and freebies during this holiday season. Check out what Battlefield 1 has to offer: December will be a great month for Battlefield 1 players - Free rewards and new content detailed.

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