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EA in the spotlight again after UFC 3's beta is riddled with microtransactions

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It comes as no surprise that EA Games would try their luck again with even more microtransactions. Yes, UFC 3 is in beta and this weekend I went into the game to give it a go and was welcomed with an Ultimate Team mode. You know that game mode that makes EA millions through microtransactions in FIFA 18? Yes, that same one. UFC 3 seems as if it is going to be the latest game to suffer from the negative gamers and bad press on the internet due to its malicious in-game tactics. 

How bad are they you ask? Well, the game mode relies on cards that come in different forms such as skills, moves, and even fighters. You form a team of fighters depending on the cards you get and the skills you get are then equipped with them so when you go into a match you can use them to win. This is a no-brainer because if you don't have the skills then you cannot fight well. 

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During my time with the game, I was given one card pack and a few thousand credits that let me buy extra packs. I then opened one box, equipped what I could, went into a game and lost. I then bought some more cards with the beta currency and I got a load of skills that really helped in the next match. It also comes as no surprise that I won that one. This was a clear sign that these card packs are basically pay-to-win.

You would think that after the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 fiasco EA would stay away from this all but no. You have to earn everything in the game mode and if this mode is like any other Ultimate Team mode of other games, this will be the biggest post-game content and probably EA's biggest focus too. EA defends this by saying to IGN that the Ultimate Team mode stands by itself and does not impact the rest of the game. I give them that but then I ask you what is the rest of the game and will it have enough content to keep players away from the evil that is Ultimate Team?

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So we have the fact that this was just the beta and that this is Ultimate Team so we are used to things like this? If that is EA's excuse it is a sad one. If anything EA will have to walk very carefully going forward with this as it seems that UFC 3 will be the latest game to come under fire due to microtransactions. Maybe it is just bad luck due to all the Battlefront 2 drama but I find it very cocky of EA to release this beta featuring all these in-game purchases after all the negativity directed at the company in recent weeks. When will they learn? 

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I cannot defend EA all the way but I will say that Battlefront 2 was a little different whereas the entire multiplayer was locked behind microtransactions. UFC 3 just has the Ultimate Team mode and if you have played any of these before then you kind of know how it goes already. We will have to wait and see what comes of UFC 3 in the next few months leading up to its release early next year. 

Do you think that Ultimate Team microtransactions are okay? Let us know in the comments below. 

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