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Bungie cancels Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris stream in light of community uproar

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While EA is fighting a war of their own Bungie are avoiding theirs too. In the past week, accusations and reports of them controlling XP in Destiny 2 has left them in the spotlight to answer for the lies they have been telling us. According to reports, while Destiny 2 shows you a set amount of XP being earned in the game to unlock Bright Engrams, which are also in-game purchases, by the way, the game is actually giving you less XP than it is showing on screen. So they are basically robbing you of your XP and reducing the amount earned without telling you so you earn Bright Engrams at a slower rate, pushing you to that credit card purchase.

In a post, the studio announced that they are investigating all their efforts in delivering information about Destiny 2 and the XP exploits and they say that we will hear from the studio leadership soon regarding the game going forward. They plan on releasing a blog post sometime today to discuss the "high priority information" about the future of the game. 

So while they are busy doing that, the livestream previously scheduled for tonight has been cancelled. The stream would have focused on showing off the gear coming to Curse of Osiris. It was meant to be the last stream before the launch next week and it comes as no surprise why Bungie cancelled it seen as they should not be advertising any of their paid content right now after being accused of some malicious activity in the game with the XP system.

But the drama does not end there though, as the Destiny 2 fanbase is generally unhappy with the state of the game. I for one have not touched the game in a month due to the lack of content and the structure of how Bungie developed the post-game content. Destiny 2 was built for newcomers and the issue is that veterans find no joy without the grind which Bungie removed. Curse of Osiris is meant to revive the game and I hope it succeeds in doing so as the game lacks variety right now. 

So from cutting your XP to then doubling it, and the lack of content and real grind post-game. Destiny 2 is not in a good place right now so we can just wait and see what Bungie have to say for themselves. Curse of Osiris releases on 5 December for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can give the free trial a go if you want to test the game before buying it. 

Have you felt the content drought? Let us know in the comments below. 

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