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Why I cancelled my Xbox One X order

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Now I know you read the title and your blood pressure immediately rose as you waited for the web page to load so you could all swear at me but hear me out. The Xbox One X is just not for me, hence I cancelled my order. It has been a long time coming but there are a few things that drove me to the final decision. Microsoft's new monster machine is great, but over the past few weeks leading up to the South African launch on 22 December, it got me thinking whether or not I would ever use the console to its R7,499 potential. I placed my Xbox One X order on 11 October 2017 through Takealot.com, but on Monday 27 November I decided to cancel it. 


But it was not just the use that pushed me to the edge. I decided that I was happy with my Xbox One S for now as Microsoft has nothing to take a PS4 Pro out of their comfort zone and put them on the X. In general, the console is just lacking any real software to make me give up the Pro and the exclusives to transition over to the X. Don’t get me wrong, I know the Xbox One X is more powerful, but I’ll wait until this power is put into first party titles. 

No Scorpio Edition

If you know me at all you would know that I live off Collector's Editions and fancy versions of hardware. It is my thing and if I cannot get a specific version of a specific console then I end up very unhappy. Sure, I am a brat but it is not like I am not paying for it so why would you not want the best version if you are paying the same price for a standard edition? It makes no sense to me. Same price, different versions, one looks better and it is also limited. 


The Xbox One X will not have any Scorpio Editions releasing here in SA. We are not only getting the console late, but we are getting the box-standard, boring grey one with nothing special at all to celebrate the launch month. When the Xbox One launched back in 2014 at least there was an option to get a Day One Edition, which I obviously picked up. This standard edition was a huge factor in my cancellation as I would pay R7,499 just to own a special edition of the console even if it gathered dust, which leads to my next point. 

My Pro does everything the Xbox One X can do

Teraflops aside, I have seen Assassin's Creed: Origins in action on both the PS4 Pro, which I played the whole game on, and the Xbox One X and if you ask me, and the pros at Digital Foundry, the differences are minimal. A few sharper shadows here and there, and a minuscule improvement in textures that is barely noticeable. It is not enough yet to make me ever leave my PS4 Pro.


Sure, the Xbox One X does have an advantage over the PS4 Pro, there is no doubt in my mind, but until I see it being a day/night difference, it is just not hardware I will consider. If I was a huge fan of Forza Motorsport then perhaps its 4K textures and native 4K support would push me to the cash register. I want to see this kind of difference on other titles too. Right now the Xbox One X has third-party games to sell it and the differences between them on Pro and X are not enough to make me jump ship. 

We still don't use the Xbox One to its full potential

This is an issue I have had since the launch of the console. We barely use the entertainment side of the hardware at all in SA due to region restrictions and the lack of proper TV integration on the console. In the US you can control your TV guide with the console, record shows, and even stream using Microsoft Groove and other TV apps. Try opening them in SA and you are welcomed by a nasty region lock.


The lack of these features turns the Xbox One X into a gaming console and not an entertainment console like it is intended to be. Again, all this lines the console up directly with what I already have, and hey, even my recent QLED purchase has more entertainment options than the Xbox One as I can control my DSTV through the TV, access all my guides, recordings and much more. 

I want to play first-party games

A touchy subject I know, but the Xbox One has a horrendous first-party lineup. Dare I say even worse than the Wii U back in the day. I want the Xbox One X for the awesome games that only that console can offer. Just like the Switch does for me right now, and let us not even get into the PS4's lineup that offers a triple-A exclusive at least once a month. 


I am so tired of playing Gears of War. I can kill you with the number of Gears of War Xbox 360 codes I have thanks to Microsoft offering them all as incentives whenever you bought Gears of War 4 and the Ultimate Edition remaster. It is it not enough to patch a 3-year-old game like Halo 5 with 4K support and expect me to go back and play it. The same goes for the Xbox 360 games. Nice having them at 60FPS but we are playing them on an Xbox One X, make something that really shows off the power of the console. I just want to shake Microsoft and tell them to stop living in the past. Everything the Xbox One X has is something from the graves of the past and in today's gaming age we simply don't have time to rehash on what we thought was cool in the early 2000s. 

I built a gaming PC

A few weeks ago I am sure you saw that I spent the weekend building my very own gaming PC. Sure, I had one before but it was old and I bought it pre-built. With Microsoft's Play Anywhere feature, they basically made it possible to play any Xbox One exclusive on PC too. This was one of the best and worst things they ever did as they made it possible for people like me who are considering an Xbox One X, to rather just stick to PC as it will do a better job than the X in the long run and we save R7,499 as the Xbox One X is built into our Windows 10. 


I am not throwing the "PC Master Race" rubbish at you at all, I am just stating the obvious here that the Xbox ecosystem is so broad that a PC is a console. So if I have my PS4 Pro to play my Sony exclusives, my Switch for my Indie games and Nintendo masterpieces, and my PC for the Xbox One "exclusives" that are not really exclusive at all, then where does it leave the Xbox One X? 

You see, it is not because I hate the console or I am a fanboy. The Xbox One X just will not fit into my life as there is no place for it at all. My gaming needs are attended to by other platforms and probably the deciding factor is due to the fact that Microsoft opened up the PC to play Xbox games. If that never happened I would need it to experience the joys of the platform. 

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