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Don't miss the season finale of Glitched

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Glitched has been a rollercoaster for us here at MWEB GameZone as it has kept us very busy. Who knew that creating the most awesome video game show the country has ever seen would be so intense? As the end of the year approaches, we are ending the current season of the show to take a break for the festive season and to plan season two that will premiere in February next year. We have big plans for the show and the future of video content on MWEB GameZone and we cannot wait to show it all to you. 

I just want to personally thank Pippa Tshabalala for the help and hard work creating the show and the guys at AudioRoom for bringing it all together under some hectic deadlines and pressure. 

The season one finale of Glitched will be streamed live tomorrow night, 28 November 2017. Yes, we normally do it on a Monday but we need some time to arrange a few more extra things. In the season finale, we have awesome content planned with a great competition too. We also have a review of one of the latest PS4 games, and we finally give your our verdict on the Samsung QLED Q8C device. 

Glitched will be live at 20:30 tomorrow on TwitchFacebook Live, and YouTube. In the meantime, why not catch up on the current episodes up to now. 

Glitched Episode 1 - The one all about rAge 2017

Glitched Episode 2 - The one about Gigabyte and Destiny 2

Glitched Episode 3 - The one about Call of Duty: WWII and the 2018 games

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