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Overwatch lag issues persist after attempted fix

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Overwatch's 26th hero, Moira, entered the Watch earlier this month, and since then players from around the world have listed report after report stating that they're experiencing severe ping spikes (some reports indicate spikes every five seconds of pings up to 1000). Blizzard did roll out a patch to fix the issue, but the problem persists.

On 22 November, Blizzard posted a reply on the official Overwatch forum where players have been submitting reports, that they've fixed the issue.

"Hey folks, we just pushed a small change in build If you've been affected by this issue since the 1.17 Moira patch, please make sure your client updates to this newer build. It should happen automatically the next time you exit Overwatch.

Any feedback on this new build would be very valuable for us. In particular if you've shared detailed information with us from the old build, providing that same information with this new build would be ideal."

Checking the latest posts on the thread indicate that the issue has not been resolved, and players from different regions still all report lag spikes and performance issues. Some are stating that they've seen a slight improvement in performance, but most report that nothing has changed.

What irks me about the situation is that the Moira update rolled out on November 17th - and the first complaint was also submitted on the Overwatch Technical Support Forum on the 17th. Then six days later tech support responded with the so called fix on November 22, that's a very long time to respond to an issue on a now 30-page long thread.

It's now nine days later and the issue persists with no new response from the Overwatch dev team. Considering that the problem persists for all players and on all three platforms I find Blizzard's response out of character. Technical issues are usually dealt with very timely and with a lot of communication from the support team.

Moira's tag line of "Epic fun detected" turned into "End of fun detected."

Source: Overwatch Forum

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