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What Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris needs to have in order to save the game

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As much as I loved Destiny 2, It will take none of us by surprise if I had to say that it has seen better days. The launch week was huge, but right now the game is really struggling with all-time lows of daily players. Bungie recently had one their infamous reveal streams and showcased their upcoming expansion, the Curse of Osiris. From our perspective and many other peoples, the Curse of Osiris is going to need to be something special in order to keep destiny 2 afloat. Here are a few things the upcoming expansion needs to repair the base game. Don't want to read. Take a look at the video below where we countdown the list of things the game needs to be a success. 

More Strikes

It’s no secret that the strike playlist right now is legitimately a barren wasteland with players rarely ever queuing to do them. It’s not that the strikes are bad, aside from one or two, it’s just that there are so few of them, and the playlist offers no new exciting things in it. We can only hope that the Curse of Osiris expansion comes packed full of a few more strikes that are of better quality than the existing ones.

More Gear

This is a pretty simple one that I could imagine everyone would agree on. If you’re still playing destiny right now, chances are that you’ve obtained every piece of gear in the game at one point. The static roles of weapons have severely decreased the amount of obtainable loot, technically speaking, and it’s overall been a blow to the replayability of D2. We need new gear. And a lot of it.

Fix the Story

Don’t get me wrong, the Destiny two stories has been a significant upgrade and was great to play through, but it seems to be becoming less cohesive as it goes on. So we defeat Ghaul, Calus wants to be good mates and then all of the sudden Osiris appears and instead of the cabal storyline, we are back to the Vex? It seems out of place but we’re just hoping that it ties into the existing plot nicely.

Bring Back the Grind

We want more grind! This can come in several forms, more loot and content, which already appears on this list but can also be so many more things, more cosmetics that are only earn-able and not purchasable, weekly challenges on events other than raids that reward exclusive gear and perhaps something like a daily login, whereby you’d get rewards from a vendor for just going to tower once a day, even though it might not seem like much, it’s definitely a nice incentive I’d like to see.

More Post-Game Content

And then we have endgame content. And no I’m not only talking about the raid, sure a new raid with new experiences will be great, for a few weeks, but then we need something else to rely on. I’m talking about prestige strike playlists where all strikes will be scaled to max power and it offers the ultimate strike challenge, even something like a nightfall playlist where you could do strikes with random modifiers on it would be great. Updating the previous raid to current power level is always a great step forward. Overall we just want more stuff to do than our weekly Milestones.

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