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PUBG smashes 7 Guinness World Record titles

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The latest PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds news is that the game smashed a staggering seven Guinness World Records titles. The game is certainly making a case for itself to collect that 2017 Game Of The Year Award, let alone being justified to be nominated for any award. PUBG has stirred up quit the debate this week because it was nominated for the 2017 GOTY Award - whilst being an unfinished game.

No matter on which side of the argument you stand, we have to agree that PUBG is a gaming phenomenon unlike anything we've seen before. "7 GWR record titles! Congratulations to @steam_games sensation @PLAYERUNKNOWN @PUBATTLEGROUNDS," tweeted by the official Twitter account for GWR.

PUBG takes 7 Guinness World Records titles

  1. Fastest time to sell 1 million units for a Steam Early Access game (16 days to sell 1 million units)
  2. Fastest Steam Early Access game to gross $100 million (took 79 days)
  3. First videogame to reach 2 million concurrent players on Steam (peaked at 2,279,084 concurrent users in Oct 2017)
  4. Most actively played game on Steam with 2,617,400 as on 16 Nov 2017 (breaking Dota 2's previous record of 1,291,328)
  5. Most concurrent players for a Steam Early Access game
  6. Most concurrent players on Steam for a non-Valve videogame
  7. First non-Valve videogame to be the most played game on Steam

And it seems there is no stopping the game as its player base keeps on expanding. The biggest issues Bluehole is facing at the moment is dealing with cheaters, and getting the game ready to exit Early Access to full release.

PlayerUnknown's Battleground is expected to release on PC in early December, and on the Xbox One Preview Program around the same time.

Source: GWR

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