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Destiny 2 Curse Of Osiris - First Raid details and Mercury gameplay

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Last night, Bungie unveiled Curse Of Osiris, the first Destiny 2 expansion. Besides new details about the story and the new planet Guardians will get to explore, there's a gameplay video from PlayStation Access who played the first mission on Mercury. As we've come to expect from Destiny 2, visually it looks absolutely amazing.

Of course, there will be a new Raid that will come with the game's expansion. Interesting enough the Raid will be a follow up to the end of the current one and will take place on the same ship, The Leviathan, that the vanilla Raid takes place on too. According to Bungie this Raid, titled Leviathan, Eater of Worlds will be much smaller and will see players returning to Calus' planet-eating ship. The second raid will take place at the bottom of the gigantic spacecraft instead of the top where the original is. Eater of Worlds will feature new locations, encounters, puzzles, loot, and new best of all bosses to kill. If anything, the original raid lacked any sort of hardcore boss fights besides the last one. 

Most important of all is that the Eater of Worlds Raid will boost the requirement to 300, up from the 270 required for the current one. The Raid will go live sometime after the launch of the Curse of Osiris expansion on 5 December 2017. Bungie also revealed that the second expansion scheduled for an early 2018 release will also include a raid. But let us focus on the original one first. 

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What I am most curious about is the continuation of the story, we might see some of those plot holes explained.

Destiny 2 Curse Of Osiris

  • New planet: Mercury
  • Power cap level: Raised to 330 (from 300)
  • Experience Cap: Raised to 25 (from 20)
  • Osiris: Warlock voiced by Oded Fehr
  • Important connection with Ikora Rey (she is his former student)
  • Osiris' Ghost is the first female-voiced Ghost in the series
  • Story: A few months after the ending of the campaign story - the Traveler awakes!
  • Mercury focal point - The Lighthouse with Brother Vance as mission-giver
  • Special activities, adventures and missions unlock
  • Guardians can unlock special Osiris-modded weapons (12 in total)
  • Infinite Forest generates three versions of Vex reality
  • Release date: 5 December 2017 for PC, PS4 & Xbox One

Check out some Curse of Osiris gameplay with PlayStation Access in the video below.

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