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Glitched Episode 3 Recap - Watch it now

Glitched Episode 3.jpg

Last night, episode 3 of Glitched took an arrow to the knee, but when we finally did get the show running, it was one of our best with giveaways, launch parties, a review, and more.

Join us as we take you for a visit to the Cape Town and Jo'burg launch parties for Call of Duty, World War II. We stop at MettlestateHQ for a chat about their next big tournament. We take Need for Speed: Payback for a spin, and we give you a run down of our top 10 most anticipated games for 2018.

If you want something cool to go with your controller, then watch the video of the stream below to spot the "glitch" and stand a chance to win one of ten Call of Duty "Muddy Guy" controller holders. Talking about winning, according to fan feedback, World War II "feels like home" again, and we couldn't be more excited about Mettlestate's new tournament that will put the game back alongside the likes of CS: GO and Battlefield in the South African eSports scene.

Petrolheads (dis)assemble for the latest entry into the Need for Speed series. Unfortunately, after 23 years of making what was once the pinnacle of 'fun' racing, Payback felt like a "watered down version." It's not all bad; as racing is where it's at, and that's what matters most, right? The writing and characters in Payback are so bad that Pippa described it as a Fast and Furious clone - on R0 budget. Eeeuw....moving along then.

Let's talk hype with our top ten games we can't wait to play in 2018. I am not giving away all the goods, watch the video below! All I'll say is that 2018 is looking mighty fine for gaming. Do you have a number one for next year? Mine is that unholy adventure set in Hope Country. I wish it would rather be a story about redemption set in the Wild West.

That's a wrap for Glitched episode 3, we hope you enjoyed it, now spot the "glitch" and enter to win that Muddy Guy.

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