Xbox One X launch issues: Bricking and hardware failures reported

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A new hardware launch is a great thing but at the same time, it can be something rather nasty if things go wrong. While most gamers, not in SA, are basking in the joy of their powerful Xbox One X, some of them are dealing with some unpleasant hardware issues that are turning the launch of the console into a rather unfortunate experience. 

Some users are reporting that their console is bricking, and randomly turning off in use. Some users have managed to bypass this by plugging in their console directly to the power instead of an adapter with a surge protector on it. I had this issue with my Xbox One S when I bought it last week where it simply would not turn on. I then had to change the power cable which fixed the issue and thought maybe the cable was faulty, but when I plugged it into my TV it was fine. The same issue is being seen on the Xbox One X and changing the power cable seems to be the fix too.

One YouTube user has not been able to fix this issue at all and it seems his console is completely bricked. There is no power on it and it is not turning on at all. The cable does work as he was able to turn his Xbox One S on using it. One good thing to come from this issue he faced was that he was able to show off how to manually remove a disc from the console, one question many people had. Another Spanish YouTube user also uploaded a video showing the same thing. Either no power going into the console or the hardware is just not responding at all. 

Still, these hardware issues are not pretty and I hope that it is not a widespread issue. All Microsoft needs right now is a recall on failed hardware. We have over a month to wait until the console lands in SA so at least there is time to monitor the issue and see for ourselves if there is a high chance that the console is indeed failing or if it is more a one in a million chance. 

Will you be picking up and Xbox One X when it launches in SA? Let us know in the comments below. 

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