Xbox One X: Everything you need to know about 4K launch enhancements and more

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Yesterday, the world celebrated the launch of the Xbox One X (South Africans will have to wait until 22 December). One good thing about us having to wait is that we can make an informed decision about the "world's most powerful console" because we'll have enough time to gather feedback from critics and users.

But critique aside, as part of the launch day celebrations, Microsoft released a couple of sexy new Xbox One X trailers as well as more specific details for a handful of Xbox One X Enhanced games.

The first trailer I want to highlight is one showing the difference between Ark: Survival Evolved on the Xbox One vs. the Xbox One X.

Ark Survival Evolved: Xbox One X Enhanced

"Ever since the original announcement of the Xbox One X, we've been excited to see how far Microsoft would push the hardware specs, and how far that would let us push ARK," said Jeremy Stieglitz, Lead Designer, Lead Programmer, Development Director, Co-Creative Director, Co-Founder of Studio Wildcard. "When gamers get their hands on this powerful new console, and of course, on the new build of ARK, we expect they'll be just as impressed as we are with how much more visually immersive the world of ARK becomes."

  • Free update to Xbox players
  • Delivers next-generation gaming with brilliant HDR visuals
  • 1440p high-resolution options,
  • Longer draw distances and enhanced visual effects
  • Higher framerates
  • Significantly reduced load times and much more

The next game to receive the Xbox One X enhanced treatment is Homefront: The Revolution. It is perhaps one of the games that needed an enhanced version more than most. I reviewed the PC version and it was not a pretty experience. I would love to see how the game changed with the new enhancements. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn't release a trailer, only listed the details.

Homefront: The Revolution - Xbox One X Enhanced Features

If you already own the game on Xbox One, then you can upgrade to the X version for free. Here's what you can expect according to the press release:

  • Rendered in 3200 x 1800 which is four times increase over the standard Xbox One version. This resolution will provide superior image quality on 4k TVs and a crisper, super-sampled image on 1080p TVs.
  • All HUD and UI elements are rendered in native 4K for the highest quality image.
  • The Time Splitters 2 arcade machine content is now rendered in native 4K.
  • The game takes advantage of Xbox One X’s increased memory which will support more high-quality textures on screen at any given time.
  • Frame rate performance is further improved.
  • HDR support has been added to both the Xbox One X and Xbox One S hardware.

Then we have Middle-earth: Shadow of War and Rise of the Tomb Raider with their Xbox One X enhancement details. Both games already looked and played amazing on the Xbox One, and both titles will be high on the list of games you have to play on the X.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War - Xbox One X Enhanced Features

  • True 4K and HDR (High Dynamic Range) gaming experience
  • Choose from two enhanced modes that Shadow of War offers for the console.
  • Option focuses on resolution with increased texture detail, targeting native 4K.
  • Option focuses on overall quality with increased draw distances, improved shadow, and lighting conditions, increased vegetation, improved ambient occlusion, higher polygon counts, and texture filtering improvements.

Shadow of Mordor Xbox One X.png

Rise of the Tomb Raider - Xbox One X Enhanced Features

“Partnering with Nixxes Software has allowed us to deliver an incredible level of fidelity and immersion,” said Ron Rosenberg, Head of Studio at Crystal Dynamics. “They have proven once again that they are masters at getting every ounce of power out of a new platform.”

  • Three visual modes: Native 4K: (full 3840 by 2160) for the highest fidelity resolution, Enriched Visuals for stunning graphics upgrades, and High Frame Rate for the smoothest possible gameplay
  • HDR display support for more vibrant and accurate color representation
  • Spatial audio support, including Dolby Atmos, for true 3D audio
  • Enhanced texture resolution for Lara Croft, NPCs, and environments for even more immersive and realistic details
  • Improvements to: Volumetric lights, reflections, foliage, polygonal detail, anti-aliasing, amplified texture filtering

Xbox One X Enhanced Trailers

The list of Xbox One X enhanced titles is quite long, you can browse through it in our "Full list of every game enhanced for the Xbox One X." Below are all the new trailers from last nights the Xbox One X launch.

Will you be picking up an Xbox One X when it launches in SA? Let us know in the comments below. 

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