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Pokémon GO gets a Raid boss reshuffle

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In June this year, Niantic rolled out the highly anticipated Pokémon GO Gym and Raid Battle update. It's now nearly five months later, and for the first time, the Raid roster has been updated, as well as other significant changes that will see Trainers adjust their Raid strategy.

Pokémon GO Raid Changes

  • Raid times shortened from 60 minutes to 45 minutes (after the egg hatched)

Niantic made the changes over this past weekend and didn't release any official patch notes for it. However, the Pokemon GO Hub compiled a list of each Tier with the roster changes (keep in mind that Tier 5 raids rotate depending on your country).

Level 1 Bosses

  • Ivysaur: CP 5238
  • Metapod: CP 1534
  • Charmeleon: CP 5038
  • Wartortle: CP 4503

Level 2 Bosses

  • Magneton: CP 14172
  • Sableye: CP 8266
  • Sandslash: CP 12312
  • Tentacruel: CP 12190
  • Marowak: CP 9891
  • Cloyster: CP 15678

Level 3 Bosses

  • Ninetales: CP 14914
  • Scyther: CP 17358
  • Omastar: CP 18915
  • Porygon: CP 11419
  • Alakazam
  • Machamp
  • Gengar

Level 4 Bosses

  • Poliwrath: CP 24247
  • Victrebell: CP 23780
  • Golem: CP 30572
  • Nidoking: CP 24873
  • Nidoqueen: CP 23216
  • Snorlax
  • Lapras
  • Tyranitar

In other Pokemon GO news, there has been no word from Niantic about the possibility of releasing Ho-oh and Celebi in the wild after a recent datamine uncovered the two legendaries.

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