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Destiny 2 PC Review: A Flamboyant Display of Mastery

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Destiny 2 on PC is everything I've wanted it to be, and I've so much still to explore and experience. Its world is masterfully crafted, combat is challenging when it needs to be, and it's overall a great deal of fun, especially as a shared experience.

However, if you look at any single aspect of the game; be it the story, combat, grinding and so on, you might find some of the parts lacking that excellence flair - but the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and as a whole Destiny 2 shines as a flamboyant display of mastery.

I am sure my GTX 1080 played a big role in my appreciation of the beauty of the game, but having said that, I played the beta with the Radeon 9290, and it was, visually at least, an overwhelmingly positive experience.


We've already given you an in-depth Destiny 2 PlayStation 4 review, so I won't be covering the same things again. As a newcomer to the game, I perhaps entered it with fewer expectations and could experience it at face value so to speak.

One of the things Mr. Coco (who is a Destiny veteran - they finished the Leviathan Raid on the same night it released) criticized in Destiny 2, was the main campaigns poor ending. I agree with him that it's not the best story ever told, and that yes it has a couple of enormous holes in the plot, but yet, I thoroughly enjoyed the story.

Perhaps it was because I wasn't burdened with all the issues players had with the predecessor - I just played the game for what it is - a great action, RPG with a good single-player campaign and fantastic multiplayer component.

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Something has to be said about Destiny 2's current planets and locations. I didn't mind only receiving the Sparrow after I've completed the campaign. It was a cool reward, and I enjoyed my travels across the different planets so much that I didn't mind the walking. There's so much hidden away on each planet that you can discover and experience.

The four planets each offer a unique look, feel, and activities. Be it the breathtaking waterfalls and vibrant landscape of Nessus, or the harsh reminder of humanity's Golden Age now fallen in Titan's half-submerged flotilla's; each is a work of art.

Destiny 2 has so much to offer players; exploring Lost Sectors on each of the four planets is one of my favour things to do. Besides the planets, you also have different locations that offer Guardians varying degrees of challenge in the form of Strikes, Nightfall, and Crucible events.

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Maybe Destiny 2's spectacular visuals and set pieces charmed me into not noticing that some things, like the Speaker's mask, were swept out of the game, broken, and unexplained. Simply crushed underfoot and swept aside to make room for the next adventure. Many questions do remain, and I doubt we'll ever get answers, but who cares? Osiris is coming, and Guardians don't have time to ponder on these things, we have to grind for better gear so we can meet the new challenges.

Talking about challenges, I love the skill scaling in Destiny 2. The campaign missions and even the final battle against Dominus Ghaul was a walk in the park. Strike missions push things up a notch, and then everything changes when you play Nightfall, and again when you Raid. After each Nightfall reset, the challenge begins anew with just enough changes in the modifiers to offer Guardians their weekly test in strategy, skill, and team play.

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I found Destiny 2's player-vs-player component (Crucible) at first extremely difficult, yet immensely satisfying. I'll be honest, it's the one thing I'm not very good in, yet I've learned the most about my subclasses while playing PvP. It's an invaluable part of the game and something I deliberately work on to improve in. PvP forces you to adapt, to capitalize your Guardian's strength, and compensate for its weaknesses.

It demands a change in how you play the game as victory is mostly dependent on how well the group of Guardians plays together. I had to change from a FFA perspective to working with my team mates, and then the wins started to roll in. Bungie offers layers of challenges when it comes to PvP, and it will take Guilds some time to become a master of all.

Be it Destiny 2's PvP, side activities, strike missions, raiding, playing the campaign, taking part in Faction Rallies, or just adventuring - it all comes together like one giant loot crate with rewards for everyone. Technically, the game is a masterpiece on PC. I've only had one issue (the hitching glitch after patch which has been fixed).

Be it character animations, high action combat in a public event, or racing with your Sparrow - everything in Destiny 2 has been polished to a display of visual splendor. The game runs at a stable 60 fps no matter the action or activity you're in. Gameplay is effortless and feels like a natural extension of your avatar. Switching between gunplay, grenades, your Super, while making use of the jump animation all feel seamless and are a pleasure to explore and master.

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Adventuring alone in Destiny 2 is a fantastic and fun experience - you do get to share some of that fun with randoms when you take part in public events - but Destiny 2's sweet spot is when you play with a team. Finding the right Guild will be as valuable as your in-game Ghost. I had to make use of Guided Games to play Nightfall, and the system kind of works (if you don't mind waiting up to 15 minutes for a team), but with a Guild, you get to experience the best the game has to offer.

I for one, usually get bored with grinding through the usual content - the Lion's share is with raiding, and for that, you need fellow Guardians who know how to play together. I recently joined The Digital Plaque, a very active PC guild, who already completed the Leviathan Raid on prestige) if you're a console player, then I recommend you join our Mystic Marshmallows).

In a big way, for me, the fun has only just started now that my character nears the last push towards the power level cap where Leviathan is waiting. According to my guildies who completed it - it is everything they expect from end game content - extremely challenging and highly rewarding.

Grinding in Destiny 2 isn't nearly as big an effort as I've experienced in the likes of World of Warcraft and other MMORPG's I've played. You still have to grind, but the different ways to get there offer enough variety and challenge to make it a fun experience.

I foresee that a good chunk of my free time will be swallowed by the magnificent experience that is Destiny 2 on PC.


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"it all comes together like one giant loot crate with rewards for everyone"

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