Xbox One X backwards compatibility shows major enhancements across old and new games

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Speaking to my gamer friends this past weekend we were having a discussion on the industry and what everyone is up to and it was clear that we all have a clear understanding of what the big console makers are doing. Sony's is the king of exclusives right now, Nintendo is killing with their portability, and Microsoft has the best backward compatible library in gaming. Microsoft also knows this so it is a no-brainer that they would focus on this feature when it comes to the latest Xbox console hitting the market, the Xbox One X. 

I spent the weekend building a gaming PC and watching all the content coming out of the media overseas as they are dropping their reviews and detailed analysis of the console. While we are still waiting for it here in SA, Microsoft is determined to make sure everyone knows about the console and what it can do especially when it comes to the past releases like the Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. To be honest, Microsoft does not have much going for them when it comes to new releases so they best deliver on the past.

Across the media and YouTube, there has been a clear praise for the way the console handles its backward compatibility with improvements across the board. Digital Foundry reports that the console has seen a boost in textures for various Xbox 360 games such as Halo 3, Forza 4 and more. It does not end there though as frame rates and even loading times are faster than ever on the X. A clear winner in this category was Metal Gear Rising: Reveangeance that has reportedly maxed out a solid 60FPS. 

It is important to note that all these games have not even been patched to take advantage of the console, rather they naturally see a boost from the power of the internals without the need for any sort of direction. Halo 3 has been a benchmark when it comes to the backward enhancements of the console and it is a clear winner. Automatic anti-aliasing produces a sleeker and cleaner image over the original Xbox One with almost no rough edges and artifacts across objects. It is very impressive and for anyone who will be getting an Xbox One X, it means that your entire Xbox 360 library will be cleaner and 4K compatible right from the start without any sort of patch needed. 

The enhancements do not end there, and yes, while the Xbox 360 games are good news to be running in 4K with enhancements across textures and anti-aliasing, what about older Xbox One games? Well, according to various videos I watched, the same can also be said for different games like Just Cause 3, Halo 4, Batman: Arkham Knight and more. All these games suffered from some sort of frame rate issue or resolution dip due to the lack of power in the original Xbox One and the proof is out there that on the X that is no longer an issue. Even Just Cause 3, a game criticized for its poor optimization runs better than ever now. Digital Foundry also reports that Batman: Arkham Knight, known for its 900p output and choppy frame rate on the Xbox One, now runs at 1080p at a solid 30FPS at all times. Again, all this is achieved without any sort of patch at all, rather it all makes use of the console's extra GPU and CPU boost in hardware. 

Last but not least I want to point your attention to this Halo 5 video that shows off the game running on the X, again without any sort of patch or update and take notice to the crisper visuals, enhanced draw distance, and of course the texture buffering that sees a vast improvement in various areas. 

It is a clear sign of the power of the console and I am very impressed. That was a major issue I had with the PS4 Pro whereas it did not honour its past games at all unless it has an update of some sort. The Xbox One X does all this naturally and the results are almost a day/night difference over the original hardware. 

The proof is in the pudding. The Xbox One X is powerful and the games look great. But is this enough to sell you on the console when there is no exclusive library in the foreseeable future? That is up to you. Let us know if you will be buying one in the comments below. The Xbox One X is out on 7 November around the world with a scheduled 22 December launch here in SA. 

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