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Destiny 2 PC gets a hotfix today for 'hitching issues'

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Last week, Bungie rolled out Patch for Destiny 2 which fixed the clan roster not displaying for the PC version, as well as several other changes and improvements for all three platforms. However, on the PC version the hotfix fixed one thing, but broke another - many players reported problems after it rolled out. Some were having one-second stutters, while others reported other hitching issues. My game on PC was filled with one-second stutters, although still playable at least.

Bungie announced via Twitter that they'll roll out a hotfix today to fix the hotfix. "Tomorrow (11/6) Destiny 2 PC will receive Hotfix to address “hitching” issues introduced in Hotfix" More details on the Destiny Server & Update page:

  • Destiny 2 on PC will receive Hotfix on Monday, November 6, 2017.
  • Once the Hotfix is available, PC players may be returned to the login screen to take the Hotfix after completing their current activity
  • PC players may need to close and restart Destiny 2 to take the Hotfix
  • Players may encounter Error Code Sheep if they attempt to form a Fireteam with someone who has not yet taken the Hotfix
  • Destiny 2 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles will not be receiving this patch.

In other Destiny 2 news, you have only tonight to complete the current Nightfall Strike as things will reset on Tuesday. I've tried completing it with Guided Matches, but the best way really is to do it with a Guild and using a mic. Console players have probably all completed it already, but PC players who have yet to do so can join The Digital Plaque, a PC-only local Guild. Console players looking for fellow Guardians can join MWEB GameZone's Guild, Mystic Marshmallows.

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