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CS: GO - Valve adds 'Holiday Cheer' and enables new Audio Occlusion Model

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Although a tad bit late, since Halloween was yesterday and all that, Valve has added some “Holiday Cheer” to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). This comes in the form of chickens with pumpkins as heads, as you can see in the screenshot above which I took this morning on Inferno. I, for one, will be hunting down every one of these dastardly creatures as soon as I spot them.  

But that’s not all the update adds. Last week, Valve added a new Audio Occlusion Model to CS: GO for in a testing phase, where players had to enable it via the console. With today’s update, the Audio Occlusion Model has been enabled for all players.

"This new occlusion model much more realistically simulates the occlusion of sounds that have to travel through and around materials to reach the player. Instead of simply adjusting the volume of sounds that are occluded, this new model distorts the sounds according to the properties of the materials that the sound has to travel through."

Read the full update notes below:


  • Enabled new audio occlusion system for all players.
  • Set Audio output to “Stereo headphones (HRTF)” for all players next time they start CS:GO.


  • Added a game server command sv_load_forced_client_names_file.
  • Running tournament servers with +sv_load_forced_client_names_file namesfile.txt allows loading a key-values file where client names are enforced to be the tournament registered player names.

What do you think about the “Holiday Cheer” added to CS: GO and the new sound occlusion model? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: CS: GO Blog

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