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PUBG reportedly facing a ban in China because it deviates from the values of socialism

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According to a post on, the widely popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is facing a ban from the country because the game is deemed harmful to children and because it deviates from the values of socialism.

A translation (using Google translate) of the original Chinese announcement states what seems to be the views of The China Audio and Video Publishing Association game publishing committee, and states:

"It is reported that the head office business authorities have noted the 'Jedi survival: Battle Royale' game and the type (play) game to keep a close watch. As the kind of game is not only a large number of bloody, violent content, and its similar to the ancient Roman bullfighting game experience and the concept of survival set off a serious deviation from our socialist core values and the traditional Chinese culture and ethical norms, not Conducive to the physical and mental health of young consumers.

In view of this, for the "Battle Royale" to encourage the killing, in particular, simply to kill the other players play the role of the game as a means to achieve the ultimate goal of the game, the General Office clearly held a negative attitude, will be difficult to obtain a publishing license. To this end, I recommend the domestic game companies should not arrange R & D, the introduction of such games, do not advocate to test such a way to attract users. At the same time, gaming, live and other platforms should not be such games to provide publicity, promotion and other services."

An analyst at Shanghai-based consultancy Pacific Epoch, Benjamin Wu, told that the above announcement signals the end of Korean-developed, PUBG. “This basically spells the death sentence for PUBG in China. PUBG’s main problem is that the underlying ideology clashes with what’s preached in China.”

There you have it, the world's biggest gaming market disapproves of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the world's hottest game currently in the market. Something also has to be said about mistaking a make-believe world for a real one. But that deserves an article on its own.

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