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Watch the first episode of Glitched - SA's newest video game show


Last night the internet was abuzz as we launched the first episode of our latest project, Glitched. The show aims to put the game back in gaming as it is focused on delivering the best gaming content to the masses. The first episode was a rAge Expo 2017 special as we focused on the event, the games on show, and the awesome features behind PlayLink.

Presented by Pippa Tshabalala, Glitched has been brought to life with the vision to bring back The Verge as a modern show. Gamers do not watch TV as much as they used to, so why not bring a gaming show to the platform that they do watch, Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live? That is why Glitched will remain an online show for the time being as it allows us to deliver the hottest gaming content to everyone all over SA. 

If you missed the episode then you can watch it right now. Grab some coffee, take a break from work, and enjoy. For some reason, the embed is not working as expected. Follow the link below to watch it.


The same will be done with future episodes as once they are aired they will be uploaded onto our YouTube channel for viewing pleasure over and over again. We will be back in the next few weeks with our follow up episode that will have some cool content, as well as competitions and reviews too. This is just the beginning for Glitched and we thank you all for the support. Make sure you subscribe to the channel so you don't miss out on anything. 

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