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PUBG dev team issues apology and explanation for recent server issues

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Yesterday, we talked about how PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was hit by a wave of negative Steam reviews. The complaints came mainly from Chinese players who reported an increase in server lag due to recently released in-game ads. Currently, the negative reviews stand at over 26 000 and resulted in Bluehole issuing a formal apology to players with the promise of improvements coming soon.

"Today we would like to address the connection, login and server crash issues some of you have been facing. First of all, we would like to sincerely apologize to everyone for the recent server issues which resulted in long waits and any inconveniences", explains the PUBG dev team on the official blog. "Our development team has been continuously upgrading the service architecture to address the increasing concurrent player numbers and tackle any emerging issues. Despite our daily efforts, there were some unexpected issues during peak times and we were unable to resolve some of the issues as fast as we would have wanted to."

It's interesting that Bluehole doesn't mention the in-game ads once in the open letter. According to their explanation, the recent spike in server lag and other issues are all the result of too many players cramped into server lobbies at any given time. They designed the servers to handle a maximum of one million concurrent players, and a quick look at the latest Steam stats show the latest peak at 1,668,715 concurrent players.


"It has become increasingly difficult to manage servers during peak times. To alleviate the above, our development team will prepare our servers far more in advance so that they can handle a much larger number of concurrent players," continues Bluehole. "This is something that we plan to continuously improve on."

The second thing they addressed is the wave of complaints from Chinese players. Here the explanation is the same, they didn't expect so many players to connect at the same time; "there were times the cloud service we’ve been using could not provide more physical servers." To compensate for the issue Bluehole added servers from an untested cloud service, and the rest is history - 26k negative reviews and counting.

"Please rest assured that we have doubled our efforts to improve the quality of the service. On a side note, we have been continuously working on optimization and doing our best to make gradual improvements. Our team will not be content with the status quo and will do our best to improve your experience. " The PUBG dev team.

Server issues aside, there seem to be another problem players are currently complaining about, and they are not happy. Reading through a few of the Steam reviews, it seems players are accusing Bluehole of favouring Streamers. "Banning people to appease streamers is wrong and disgusting," states one player. "I GOT BANNED FOR STREAM SNIPING AND I WASNT EVEN WATCHING A STREAM!!!!" added another.

It sounds like Streamers are also exploiting the game in some way, and not getting banned, while the banhammer is hitting normal players pretty hard. Have you come across Stream favouritism while playing PUBG, or is it a storm in a teacup?

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"Our team will not be content with the status quo"

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