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CS: GO - Valve reduces price of two weapons and more in latest update


In the past month, we’ve seen a lot of small Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) updates focused on the Chinese version of the game, but there was one updated released recently that makes some gameplay changes and brings some fixes to the game. The update is live right now and reduces the price of the Revolver as well as the Duel Elites by $100, which means the Revolver will now set you back $600 in game, while the Duel Elites are now only $400.

Valve has almost made some changes to smoke grenades, specifically with relation to their ability to extinguish flames from a height and fixed some bugs in the process. It’s definitely a decent update, which you can read about below.


  • Fixed rare cases when smoke would not extinguish fire when it bounces between the flames.
  • Reduced the height at which smoke grenades that bounce off of walls can extinguish flames.
  • Fixed a bug where bullets could sometimes fail to penetrate player arms.
  • Reduced price by $100 for both the Revolver (now $600) and Dual Elites (now $400).


  • Fixed gloves not appearing on certain custom maps that skip default equipment.
  • Added an option cl_crosshair_t for a T-shaped crosshair.
  • Fixed StatTrak™ music kits not showing StatTrak™ logo in limited time offers.
  • Fixed a case where certain cheats could approximate the random seed used on the game server.
  • Added a way to acquire a worldwide CS:GO license for accounts running outside of CS:GO Launcher.

They all look like decent changes and fixes, but we are still waiting for that game-changing update to see how the adjustments being made to unarmored aimpunch will play out.

What do you think about the latest CS: GO update and the changes to the price of two weapons as well as the smoke grenade? Let us know in the comment section below.

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