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CS: GO - Valve to make a game-changing adjustment in next big update

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Over the years, Valve has made some big changes to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), from bug fixes, patching exploits, buffing and nerfing guns and even rebuilding classic maps. Now, it looks like the next update (in the beta depot right now) will bring a game-changing adjustment to the eSports title.

The adjustment revolves around none other than the “unarmored aimpunch” mechanic. This mechanic has been quite the topic of discussion over the years, with some players wanting it removed completely. Valve isn’t removing the mechanic in the next update, but instead, they have “Significantly reduced unarmored aimpunch.”

For those of you who are unaware, the mechanic is something you’ve all experienced. It is, in basic terms, the amount that your screen moves when you are hit by a bullet when you don’t have any armour on. Right now, those with no armour would experience aimpunch when shot anywhere on the body, which could be remedied by buying some armour of course.

The change is significant, as it could change how the first few rounds play out. If the mechanic is reduced enough, there might not be a need to purchase armour in the first round, which will open up other purchase options. Right now, the change is pretty massive on the beta depot, as displayed by Reddit user Ganjiu in this GIF file and discussed here, which you can view below.        

The update will also continue with Valve’s mission of changing pistols with the goal of “emphasizing skilful use” of the weapons. The two guns that will see adjustments in the next update are the Glock and the P250. You can read about the changes below:


  • Slight adjustments favouring accurate players who close the distance to their opponent.Increased base damage
  • Reduced damage at longer distances
  • Slightly improved accuracy while firing rapidly
  • Slightly improved accuracy while moving


  • The P250 has been adjusted to reward longer-distance engagements, particularly against unarmored opponents.
  • Increased base damage
  • Reduced armor penetration
  • Improved damage at longer distances
  • Reduced accuracy while moving

What do you think about the adjustment to unarmored aimpunch as well as the changes to both the P250 and the Glock? Let us know in the comment section below.

Sources: CS: GO Blog

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