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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds clamps down hard on cheaters

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We all love playing the immensely popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, but there are those who cheat to get their chicken dinner and ruin the experience for others.

Over the past couple of months, the developer has shared some extremely impressive stats as the game continues to grow at a rapid pace, with the most recent examples being that the game surpassed the 1 million concurrent players milestone on Steam and that it has sold over 10 million copies.

Now, it’s time for an awesome statistic that shows the game is clamping down hard on cheaters. PlayerUnknown himself, Brendan Greene, revealed that:

The BattleEye has now banned over 150,000 cheaters from PUBG, with more than 8,000 banned in the last 24 hours alone! GG WP” - Source

Good game well played indeed!

The BattleEye is the anti-cheat software that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds use and it looks like it is doing a lot of work. Since the developer announced how many cheaters have been banned, the Battleeye Anti Cheat system developers have also posted a message on Twitter, explaining the situation:

"BE is constantly banning LOTS of cheaters in PUBG and H1Z1 (yes, other games too), but we hope people can understand that by nature Battle Royale games are a real ‘mess’ to protect. Everyone wants to be the sole winner no matter what. We are always doing our best." - Source

It is excellent to hear that cheaters won’t be having a good time in the game and just the fear of being banned could put some people off the idea of cheating. Even so, there will always be some who try to circumvent the anti-cheat system, so my guess is that the battle is far from over.

What do you think about the number of cheaters banned so far and have you encountered any cheaters in the game? Tell us about your experiences in the comment section below.

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