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Let's talk about that Destiny 2 story and ending

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Okay, so I have spent every waking moment since last week Wednesday playing Destiny 2. I do not regret anything on my end and while we are coming up to the Raid week and possibly the week where I can finally give you a full review on the game, I wanted to discuss a few things that concerned me about the ending of the game and the way its stunning story suddenly flat-lined for me.

Destiny 2 is a spectacle to behold in so many ways. Its stunning visuals and the superb narrative is the best in the series, and I often got nerd chills as the epic set pieces and stunning soundtrack combined into one beautiful piece of video game mastery. This was apparent throughout the game until the end. 

Spoilers follow

If you have played to the end of the game you would know that the story arc for Destiny 2 takes a very sudden dip, so much so that it left me with an unfortunate taste in my mouth. Sure, the lead up to the final battle against Ghaul is beyond anything we have experienced before in the series. I mean, we fly to the sun and travel across a giant planet-destroying machine to blow the thing up before taking the battle back to Earth and slaying the manic general once and for all. The issue is that all this happens very quickly, and much of the story behind these missions and Ghaul's power is left behind in the dark.

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The final battle is a fast-paced mess in a rush to tie things up before they get complicated. In the end, players are left trying to decipher what in the world went on and where did Ghaul get the Guardian's power to initiate supers. What happened to the speaker, and how did the Traveller exactly choose him to empower him with the Light? 

We know that Ghaul is a manic leader who will not stop before he takes the power of the Traveller for himself. In this attempt, he travels to Earth to bring down the last city and claim it for himself. The Traveller, which you have to remember is not really a round ball, rather that is just a physical representation of what it is, gets destroyed, or does it, at the end and takes the over-sized Ghaul down with it. 

Now while we are discussing these plot holes in the game, what happened to the Speaker, the Traveller, and what in the world were those space ships that awoke after the Traveller's light touched them.

What is the Light?

My biggest issue with Destiny is this "Light" that the game keeps referring to. All this time there has been the Traveller that is the source of this power, but this power is never truly explained in full. Rather we just go along with the fact that everyone wants it and it has chosen Earth to be its new home. In Destiny 2 the Guardians lose their power and gain it back by touching a shard of the Traveller, but if this is the case, then is the Traveller simply the Guardian's power? This could not be the case as other species are also trying to harness this power for themselves, again we have not seen this materialize into anything worth taking note of. Ghaul wanted this power, but again what is it?

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Is the Speaker dead? 

From what I gather, the Speaker is dead. The lead up to Ghaul's power and the hidden symbols like the Speaker's mask being stomped on could only mean that he indeed dies at the end of the game. Not to mention that after it is all said and done and you travel to the new Tower, which in the game's lore is a few days later, there is no sign of the Speaker anywhere. The Speaker was supposed to be the "voice" of the Traveller and it is revealed that he is actually not, rather the Traveller never spoke to him at all and he made it all up. How he will fit into the game's story now is not clear, nor if he is still alive, and what would his purpose be if his only reason to be in Destiny is a lie. 

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The Darkness Returns?

Right at the end of the game, we see something strange take place. As the Traveller lets off the blast that travels across the galaxy, it touches a fleet of pyramid ships which are then immediately awoken and start to venture to the root of the explosion. What are these ships you ask? Well, in Destiny lore the "Darkness" hunted the Traveller for years across the universe until it lost it. The Traveller is a source of power and light, whatever this "light" is that keeps getting referred to. Theories say that these ships are emissaries of the Darkness and now that they have found the Traveller again they will go and claim it for themselves. 

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Calus the Mad Emperor

While Ghaul was a threat in the game, constant lore references and some side missions point to Calus the Cabal Emperor being completely off his rocker. Calus is hungry for power, but not this "Light" from the Traveller, rather hungry to build his armies and reach in the galaxy. One mission which could point to his intentions is when you have to find out why he is researching the mineral count of the planet Nessus. Lore says that there is a planet-eating machine that can pull all the power and resources from it while consumed and if you ask me, Calus is after this. Again, what does not make sense to me is why would he want to do this if the Traveller is the most sought after object in the galaxy and grants this "amazing" power. 

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Wrap it up

What we know now is that Calus the mad Emperor is searching for a planet to consume. He will most likely use the Leviathan to do this and it will see us complete the Raid to stop him. Sure, this sounds simple enough, but when you look deeper at the plot holes of the game it makes you wonder how Bungie will fill these gaps and with what? The Speaker is missing, or dead, the Traveller is still a mystery to what it does and why everyone wants it, and those pyramid ships are coming fast. As much as the game left more questions unanswered, I am excited for the future of the game's story without a doubt. 

What do you make of the Destiny 2 ending? Let us know in the comments below. 

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"when you look deeper at the plot holes of the game it makes you wonder how Bungie will fill these gaps and with what"

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