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September 2017 Game Releases: Destiny Awaits

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The biggest month in gaming for 2017 is here. There's something from every genre, a few platform exclusives, as well as some of 2017's most anticipated games all releasing in the same month. If you want a quick video run down of our top ten games releasing this month, then head on over to our YouTube channel here.

Before we take a look at all the new releases and what some of the top titles have to offer, allow me to remind you that we're running a Destiny 2 competition where you can win the Collector's Edition. It's a thing of such beauty that you'll want it just for the swag.

Knack 2

Release dates: 05/09 (NA), 06/09 (PAL & SA), 28/09 JP

Platform: PS4 exclusive

Genre: Action, platformer

Modes: Single-player & multiplayer

Age Restriction: Everyone 10+

Rated for: Fantasy Violence. Online not rated

Description: (From our hands-on time with the game). Knack 2 feels like the game we should have had in the first place. Much of the game's best features from the original game have now been reworked, if not completely redone to benefit from the years of gaming advancements we have had over the years. If you remotely enjoyed the original game then you will love the sequel. The overall experience seems to be much, much better than before in every aspect. For kids, it will be an easier game to master, and for hardcore players, it will be a harder and more detailed game that will focus on combos, new skills, and most of all, new puzzles and platforms.

Further reading: Hands on with Knack 2 - A superb improvement over the original

Developer & Publisher: Sony

SA Distributor: Ster Kinekor Entertainment

Destiny 2

Release date: 06/09 WW

Platforms: PS4 & Xbox One

Genre: Action, role-playing game

Modes: Single-player & multiplayer

Age Restriction: T for Teen

Rated for: Blood, Language, and Violence. Online not rated

Description: We’ve played both the console and PC version of the Destiny 2 beta, and all three of us agreed that Destiny 2 is one of our most anticipated games of the year. Although the game looks overwhelming on PC with its gorgeous graphics, it’s the console version, and specifically, the PS4 Pro version that has us most excited. Not only does it release before the PC version, but on PS4 there are exclusive content coming to the console.

The most important thing to know for those who are Destiny veterans, is that Bungie listened to fan feedback, and made the improvements we’ve been asking for. “Not one part of Destiny 2 feels like a copy-and-paste situation. From the classes, which we have played with in the past for months of game time to the weaponry, to the overall movement of each character and how they handle themselves in fight and flight.” For newcomers to the series; Destiny 2 might just be the action-RPG of 2017. It has a perfect mix of superior gunplay, story, graphics, co-op challenges, player-vs-player, player-vs-environment, and character customization. In short, Destiny 2 promises to be one of the best games of 2017.

Further reading: Destiny 2 is now my most anticipated game of 2017 after playing the beta

Developer: Bungie

Publisher: Activision

SA Distributor: Megarom Games

PES 2018

Release date: 12/09 WW

Platforms: PC, PS4/3, Xbox One/360

Age Restriction: TBA

Genre: Sports

Modes: Single-player & multiplayer

Description: In July, we had some hands-on time with the Pro Evolution Soccer open beta and concluded that Konami is definitely on the right track with this year's edition. “Overall the player control in the game felt fantastic and was much more fluid than I experienced in the past. Konami has worked hard to make sure that everything is more polished than last year's entry and you can feel it while playing the game. Visually the beta was also outstanding and the engine is better than ever." According to Konami there have been a number of improvements to PES 2018. These include upgraded gameplay, improved 2v2 and 3v3 feature on co-op mode, and lots more.

Further reading: Hands on with PES 2018: Konami are on the right track

Developer: PES Productions

Publisher: Konami

SA Distributor: Ster Kinekor Entertainment

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Release date: 15/09 WW

Platforms: PC, Xbox One & PS4

Age Restriction: M 17+

Rated for: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language

Genre: Action

Mode: Single-player

Description: In Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, you won’t be playing as Corvo or Emily, but instead, you will take up the role of Billie Lurk. Those who have played Dishonored 2 should know Billie Lurk, maybe by her other name: Megan Foster, who was the captain of the ship which provided a safe haven in Dishonored 2. If you didn’t pay close attention, you might wonder where Billie Lurk went off to when she disappeared near the end of Dishonored 2.

Bethesda notes that Dishonored: Death of the Outsider will feature all the “series hallmarks, including brutal combat systems, unique level design, and immersive storytelling that responds to your every choice. With compelling characters and exhilarating action, Death of the Outsider is the perfect entry point for those new to the Dishonored series, while delivering a significant expansion of the gameplay and world for longtime fans.”

Further reading: Dishonored: Death of the Outsider - Story details and key features revealed

Developer: Arkane Studios

Publisher: Bethesda

SA Distributor: Ster Kinekor Entertainment

Project CARS 2

Release date: 22/09 WW

Platforms: PC, PS4 & Xbox One

Age Restriction: E for Everyone 10+

Rated for: Mild Language. Online not rated

Genre: Racing:

Modes: Single-player & multiplayer

Description: If you enjoyed racing The Slightly Mad way with 2015's Project CARS, then you're in for an even wilder ride with Project CARS 2. According to Namco Bandai, petrolheads can look forward to "the most immersive and technically advanced racing simulation experience" Project CARS 2 will support "up to 12K* resolution graphics" on PC (that means linking three 4K PC monitors together), as well as VR support.

“Project CARS 2’s authentic presentation of motorsports racing isn’t just cutting edge, it surpasses the cutting edge,” says Eric Hartness, Vice President of Marketing at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. “No other driving game or racing title can approach Project CARS 2’s level of visual fidelity, real-world physics, and intelligent driver A.I. These features combined with dynamic weather and track effects, refined controls, and an authentic love of competitive eSports guarantees players will be able to live-out their racing aspirations on multiple gaming platforms.”

Further reading: Project CARS 2 announced: Racing action with up to 12K resolution and VR support

Developer: Slightly Mad Studios

Publisher: Namco Bandai

SA Distributor: Megarom Games


Release date: 29/09 WW

Platforms: Switch, PC, Xbox One/360, PS4/3

Age Restriction: TBA

Genre: Sports

Modes: Single-player & Multiplayer

Description: This year’s FIFA edition will include an even stronger campaign mode with the return of The Journey. According to EA they have indeed upped their game for 2018's FIFA The Journey. "Frostbite game technology immerses fans in their career by introducing interactive transfer negotiations, dynamic cinematic news clips in the menu, custom training presets, and new broadcast overlays, making the Career Mode experience deeper and more realistic."

The Switch version will not include the popular Journey mode, but it will release with the Ultimate Team, and a lot of other tweaks and modes to optimize it for Switch gameplay.  According to EA it will also deliver “the most technologically-advanced portable FIFA experience ever, outputting 1080p resolution when docked and 720p on handheld.” When it comes to the standard FIFA 18 experience, there will be 52 stadiums, new team styles, a new animation system with improved responsiveness, all powered again by the Frostbite 3 engine. There’s also new FUT single-player squad battles, and more ways to manage your club.

Further reading: EA details how FIFA 18's Switch version will work

Developer & Publisher: EA

SA Distributor: EA South Africa


Release date: 29/09 WW

Platforms: PC & Xbox One

Age Restriction: TBA

Genre:  Run & Gun

Modes: Single-player & multiplayer

Description: With its 1930s-art style that takes us back to the very early Tom and Jerry cartoons, and its ruthless platforming gameplay, is something that will make the game stand. WE had some hands-on time with it last year, and absolutely loved the gun and run experience. “From what I played of it, the co-op is also very fun, and at the same time the difficulty of the game calls for two players to work together as you venture through beautiful water-painted levels, and face off against fierce bosses.”

Further reading: Top 5 Upcoming Indie Games We Can't Wait to Play

Developer & Publisher: StudioMDHR Entertainment

Total War: Warhammer 2

Release date: 29/09 WW

Platform: PC exclusive

Age Restriction: T for Teen

Rated for: Alcohol Reference, Blood, Mild Language, Mild Suggestive Themes, Violence. Online not rated

Genre: RTS

Modes: Single-player & multiplayer

Description: Players can look forward to a new style of narrative campaign, exploring four new continents as well as four new races in Total War: WARHAMMER II. Each race will have unique campaign mechanics, Legendary Lords, Heroes, spellcasters, troops, monsters and siege weapons. If you own the prequel and purchase Warhammer II, then you'll get a massive free campaign map shortly after release.

The free map will include regions from both games. “Total War: WARHAMMER II represents the next step in our trilogy, our vision for the most incredible fantasy strategy series ever made,” announced Game Director, Ian Roxburgh. “The success of the first game has increased our ambition; we’re not only going to deliver a thrilling campaign in the sequel, but also an additional combined campaign, the biggest so far, for owners of both.”

Developer: Creative Assembly

Publisher: Sega

SA Distributor: Ster Kinekor Entertainment

More games releasing in Sep 2017

  • Songbringer: PS4 & PC on 01/09 WW
  • Warriors All-Stars: PS4 & PC on 01/09 WW
  • Morphite: PS4 (07/09 WW) & PC (20/09 WW)
  • Manifest 99: PSVR, Rift, Vive & Steam VR on 12/09 WW
  • NASCAR Heat 2: PC, PS4 & Xbox One on 12/09 (NA) WW
  • Tooth and Tail: PC on 12/09 WW
  • Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana: PSVita & PS4 12/09 NA, 15/09 EU
  • Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana: PC 12/09 WW
  • Divinity: Original Sin II: PC, PS4 & Xbox One on 14/09 WW
  • NBA Live 18: PS4 & Xbox One on 15/09 WW
  • NHL 18: PS4 & Xbox One on 15/09 WW
  • NBA 2K18: Switch, PC, PS4/3 & Xbox One/360 on 19/09 WW
  • The Solus Project: PS4 on 18/09 WW
  • NBA 2K18: Switch, PC, PS4/3 & Xbox One/360 on 19/09 WW
  • Burly Men at Sea: PC on 29/09 WW
  • Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite: PC, Xbox One & PS4 on 19/09 EU, NA
  • Pankapu: PS4 & Xbox One (20/09 WW), PC (21/09 WW)
  • Raiders of the Broken Planet: PC, PS4 & Xbox One on 22/09 WW
  • Batman: The Enemy Within E2: PC, PS4 & Xbox One on 26/09 WW
  • Hob: PS4 & PC on 26/09 WW
  • Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash: PS4 on 26/09 WW
  • Blue Reflection: PS4 & PC on 26/09 (NA) & 29/09 (EU)
  • Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony: PS4, PSVita on 26/09 (NA) & 29/09 (EU)
  • Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony: PC on 26/09 WW

Lastly, there's the fantastic PlayStation Plus and Games with Gold lineups also coming your way this month. I think we should all just hand in our sick leave slips and be done with this month.

What will you be playing in September? I'll say my farewells to Overwatch while I wait for the Destiny 2 PC launch. Check out our September 2017 Top 10 if you're still unsure what to play.

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