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Join the MWEB GameZone Destiny 2 clan and help fight the Red Legion together

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Destiny 2 is just over a week away and after playing the PC beta last night it was pretty clear that I am driving myself Destiny 2 crazy. The closer we get to launch the more excited I am getting about the game and soon we will all be fighting the Red Legion, raiding, tea-bagging other players in the Crucible, and just simply doing Destiny things. 

Before we get too carried away we have some very exciting news. MWEB GameZone is launching our very own clan that we want to open up to the public for everyone to join. Why may you ask? Well, Destiny 2 has changed up how clans work in the game. In the original Destiny, clans were just another piece of text on your emblem. There were no real advantages to being in one and you never truly felt like it was home because of this.

Destiny 2 has changed everything up now with weekly challenges and rewards that your entire clan can complete, season rewards to claim, and clans now also have a matchmaking system where you can specifically opt in to complete raids and strikes with clan members. Most of all, you can now have your own unique look and feel in the game thanks to the clan banners. 

We Want You!

So why are we opening up a clan for local gamers? Well, Destiny 2 is a huge social experience and if there was anything I learnt from the first game it is how many people and friends you can meet online. I personally met some of the best people in my life from around SA through Destiny. You know, that guy that keeps tea-bagging you and then you send hate mail and before you know it you are best friends. 

We want to have a place where local gamers can meet and play together, but at the same time help each other out when they need it. With enough players, we can make sure that everyone gets to experience the most of Destiny 2, yes, even the Raid. When timed events roll around we can all jump into them and gain XP and rewards together, and we are planning on hosting some PvP evenings too, maybe a tournament or two. The game is just much better with friends and what better people to meet in the game than local Destiny gamers?

How to Join?

Joining the clan is pretty simple. All you need to do it head over to clan page and request to join. We will make sure that we approve everyone that sends a request through. The clan is open to PS4, Xbox One, and PC gamers, and the more people we have, the more the community will grow. Help us create an awesome local Destiny 2 community and we will make sure your adventures through the galaxy are just as rewarding.

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