Xbox One X South African release date and pricing still to be confirmed by Microsoft - R7499 removed off ZA site


It has been almost a week since the Microsoft opened pre-orders for the Xbox One X but as you know South Africa was not on that list. I for one have raised concern regarding the silence surrounding the local distributing of the console because mainly it is a new console and the local representatives have been silent about the situation whether or not we will be getting the console on time or will have to wait until 2018.

The original Xbox One released in South Africa an entire year after the international release, and the Xbox One S released 9 months late too. This has not only affected sales, but it has given Sony the upper hand in SA. In my opinion, competition is healthy in this market and without the Xbox One in SA on time, SA became a PS4 region.

Well, things may get better, or worse really as Microsoft SA have reached out to give us an update on the Xbox One X situation in SA. According to a mail from the company, the Xbox One X is still in the approval process and has not been finalized. Until this has been completed the local release date and when pre-orders open cannot be set.  

“Ensuring that Xbox One X gets into the South African market as close to global release as possible is our main priority. We remain committed to our Xbox fans in South Africa.” said Colin Baumgart, Consumer Director for Microsoft South Africa.

It is also important to know that even the release pricing has not been confirmed as the email states that "The estimated retail value and confirmation of availability dates will be announced closer to the time of arrival in the country.If you visit the Xbox One X local site the listed price of R7499 is now missing and replaced with "Coming Soon". So we guess that the R7499 was too good to be true. Given the exchange rate the console is around R7999 and with importing and all that nonsense it will clearly not enter SA under R8500. Again, this is to be confirmed. 

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So there you have it. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news today but at least the silence has been broken in SA and we have finally heard from the local representatives for the brand. We are still a few months away from the 7 November international release date, so there could be a good chance we will get the console still, but what the cost will be is my biggest concern. 

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