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KFC has a VR game that teaches you how to cook chicken and all we want to do is play it

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In the day of VR tech what better way to train your staff to do something than plonking a VR headset on them and guiding them through a simulation of their job? If I was to be trained to work at KFC that would be my ideal way to do it. Well, KFC has developed a Job Simulator, Bioshock-looking training VR simulation that takes staff through a 10-minute interactive demo whereas they pick their chicken pieces, bread them, and fry them.

Little attention to detail like the packet cutter, and the fact that you get points if you inspect each piece of chicken, seems to be the biggest draw here as this adds to the quality check of an employee's daily life in the fast food restaurant. The entire experience is narrated by none other than the Colonel himself and he sounds pretty hilarious as he chokes and coughs as if he smokes a pack a day.

But it is the Bioshock themes that make me want to play this VR game more than anything as the Colonel sort of sounds like Comstock and the area around the trainee looks like something from Bioshock: Infinite. There is also a subtle hint of "would you kindly" throughout the game as if the person being trained to cook the chicken is in some sort of mind control camp with no way to escape other than cooking this chicken perfectly. It reminds me of the opening sequences in all three Bioshock games.

Unfortunately, the game does not give away the secret recipe to the famous chicken and there is no way you would ever be able to guess what the actual ingredients are in the bread crumbs. The training game is more a method of teaching KFC employees how to keep up with the quality standards as well use the pressure fryer which is used in the fast food chain to cook the chicken. While the game is only available to KFC trainees, I think a publisher should get involved here and release this to the public. 

Take a look at the demo in action below and let us what you think about this in the comment section.

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