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Top 3 news stories you don't want to miss from gamescom 2017

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For many, gamescom has always cowered under the shadow of E3, but this year, I am more excited than ever for news from "The Heart of Gaming." The main reasons for my excitement are that I expect an unveiling from Pixelverse, news from the Battlefield, and something surprising from Microsoft's corner.

What Pixelverse?!

South African developer, Robot Wizard, will be showcasing their first game, Jengo, for the first time, at this year's gamescom. Jengo not only looks gorgeous with its 60's art style, but also comes with a kick-ass soundtrack by local legends The Black Cat Bones, and a story infused with satire and blatant mockery. Well that is my guess from what I've seen of the game so far. It looks like a subtle and not so subtle commentary about things that have been in the spotlight of the games industry over the past few years. Things that get certain people's panties in a knot, that make others climb on a soap box to scream injustice, that gamers rage over and drive some to make outrageous threats.

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I think Jengo is also about reminding us why we game in the first place. Where did it start for you? Sometimes developers, publishers and gamers get so caught up in the politics around video games that we forget ... to game. I could, of course, completely miss the mark, and Jengo could just be a beautiful old-school, point and click adventure game infused with some rock n' roll vibes.

The official game description then: "Jengo is a point and click adventure about Jeff who finds himself lost in the Pixelverse, a land of forgotten game characters. Jengo is an old school point and click adventure game inspired by the golden era of the genre."

Robot Wizard recently got signed by PLAYDIUS Entertainment, which means a bigger budget for the studio. They've, therefore, decided to change the game from episodic to a full feature, and I hope to hear lots more news about Jengo from gamescom. All we know is that the team is currently on route to Cologne, Germany, with a farewell of "we are going to Gamescom to showcase Jengo for the first time ever!"

You can check out Jengo on Steam, (will also release on console) and visit Pixelverse on the official website here. The trailer below was somehow leaked, and is as yet unlisted for sharing, but since they kind of gave permission I thought it safe to publish. "This was never really meant to be on the net, as it was a WIP submission for Jengo - but since things are leaking, you might as well see it from us. Enjoy a job semi done!"

News from the Battlefield

The second thing I can't wait to hear more about from gamescom, is the new competitive mode coming to Battlefield 1. All we know so far about it is that it will be "smaller" and "tighter" yet still a war on an epic scale. EA DICE first teased news about the mode in their June Monthly Recap stream.

Over the past few months DICE has also been teasing about a "Revolution" that is coming to the Battlefield with a timer counting down to a gamescom announcement. At the time of writing there remains just over two hours on the clock. Earlier this month, Amazon leaked some Battlefield 1 Revolution details, but I can't think that it's all there is to the "Revolution."

We'll have to tune in to watch the official announcements, which starts with the EA Play press conference on August 21 at 6:30 pm CET / 9:30 am PDT.Those who attend gamescom will also get some hands-on time with "a never-before-seen map" from Battlefield 1:  In the Name of the Tsar.

Let there be Xbox One X surprises

My third and final thing to watch from gamescom are, of course, more news about the Xbox One X. With the recent announcement of Crackdown 3's delay to 2018, I am hoping Microsoft has a few games up their sleeve. What good is "the world's most powerful console" without any exclusives attached to its price?

Leaks also point towards an announcement from Xbox about when pre-orders will open for the Xbox One X. I dare say they might be ahead of themselves - fans will need confirmation about console exclusives before they can make up their minds about paying for te world's most expensive console.

Maybe it's just me, but I've always kept to the idea that we mainly purchase gaming platforms for the games we can play on it. Yes, the Xbox One X is certainly going to play games better with its native 4K spec, but it's very close to what we've experienced with the PlayStation 4 Pro. So, the question remains - does it justify the price tag to purchase the Xbox One X if you don't know that there will be any games you can exclusively play on it?

Join the Xbox press conference livestream on Sunday, August 20, at 9:00pm CEST, 12:00pm PDT.  Gamescom runs from Tuesday, 22 August to Saturday, 26 August.

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