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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Everything inside this week's update

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The Early Access sensation, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, recently received its biggest update ever, but that doesn’t mean the developer takes a break this week. In the twentieth consecutive weekly update, the developer is fixing quite a few bugs, changes and optimization tweaks. According to the developer, if all goes well, the update will be deployed onto the live version of the game sometime today.

Before we get to the update notes, there are two big things that I would like to point out. First up is a change that should make those who prefer doing Battle Royale in a group happy. When the update goes live, players will be able to see the mark from the character they are spectating on the World Map as well as the Mini Map.

Then there is also a bug fix, which prevented voice chat from being disabled on the Starting Island on occasion. Those who experienced this bug probably liked it, because let’s face it, the voice chat on the Starting Island can become very toxic, even though the developer did lay down the law in their Rules of Conduct. Below, check out everything inside the twentieth update for PUBG as per the game’s Steam Page.  

Client Optimization:

  • Optimized game performance for 6-core or higher CPU
  • Optimized UI

Sound Effects:

  • Decreased motorbike engine and vehicle skid sound volumes

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved character animation when using throwables while prone
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally disabled voice chat on the Starting Island
  • Fixed a bug that caused your character to stand before crouching when revived
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from rebinding Unarm to an alternate key
  • You can now see the mark from the character you are spectating on both the Mini Map and World MapFixed a visual bug with the scope while a character you are spectating is prone on a hill
  • Fixed a bug caused by changing "Graphics" - "Quality" - "Effects" from SettingsImproved the wrist positions on the steering wheel              

Which is your favourite bug fix in the latest weekly update for PUBG? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Steam

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