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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: About recent server issues, FPS mode and Ranked Play

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If you’ve been having some issues while playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds recently, don’t worry, it is probably not your internet connection. On 18 July, the servers went down for emergency maintenance, but after the servers came back up, some issues still persisted, causing frustration for the game’s players.

At roughly 08:00 today, the developer has announced that the servers are coming back online. However, it seems that the issue hasn’t been fully resolved. The latest tweet from the game’s official Twitter account explains:

“Servers are coming back online now. We are still working on resolving the core issue causing this instability, so please bear with us!” - Source

Hopefully, the server issues will be resolved soon, because I am sure there are many players who are starving for some chicken dinner, right?

First-Person servers are coming

Since I started playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, I’ve been hoping for the first-person only game mode to finally come out. For me, it would make the game even more hardcore, since your view will be much more limited. Thankfully, we now know that first-person only servers are coming in the August update. Player Unknown himself, Brendan Greene, recently took to Twitter, announcing that:

“Good news everyone! 1st person servers are coming to @PUBATTLEGROUNDS in our next monthly update!” - Source

Player Unknown further mentioned that they will be bringing the first-person only game mode to European and North American solo and duo games first. Further, the Player Unknown notes that once they have polished the system, they will expand to other regions.

About Ranked play and dividing the community

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds only has an individual ranking system at the moment, but what about a team-based ranking system, specific ranked play and a ladder system? These systems will probably breathe even more life into the game, which has already seen a meteoric rise on Steam since it was released into Early Access in May this year.  

According to PVPLive, the game’s Executive Producer, Chang Han Kim, talked a little about a ladder system for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, stating that:

"PUBG is indeed competitive, yet it is far from a traditional one-on-one game. We are taking a very cautious approach to find an appropriate ladder system for PUBG."

One concern that the developer has is that a ladder system and ranked play might divide the community, explaining that:

“We are concerned that there might be a huge divide in the community with the introduction of Competitive Tiers. We will make sure we deliver a system that works for PUBG." - Source

How would you like to see the ranked system and competitive tiers implemented, are you excited about first-person only servers and have you been experiencing connection issues recently? Let us know in the comment section below.

Sources: Twitter 1, Twitter 2, PVPLive  

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