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DICE launches the Battlefield 1 Mission Tracker

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If you're a Battlefield 1 player, and you've been taking part in the special Community Mission assignments, you'll be happy to know that DICE announced a new mission with the added feature of a Mission Tracker. The Community Mission assignments unlock things like rare vehicle skins, dog tags and more, in collaboration with community celebrities like JackFrags and now Westie.

Before the Mission Tracker, it was well, a mission to keep track of how far you are with the objectives. The new Mission Tracker is very simple and automatically updates your statistics as you complete the object. To check out your prowess, go to Soldier, Community Missions, and all will be revealed. You'll see the progress bar as well as the period remaining to complete the mission. Don't forget to claim your reward once you've completed said objective. This is the new template for keeping track of all Community Missions going forward.

With the JackFrags mission, you had to pull off 75 headshots within the prescribed time with the reward of rare vehicle skins. In the new mission, which kicked off  last night, you have to be credit to team by reviving fallen squad mates

"We've got a new mission... and a new Mission Tracker to go along with it. Login and make that bar move, all you need is 75 Revives.." announced DICE via the Battlefield Twitter account. At least you won't break a sweat counting those revives as the mission tracker bar will keep track of your progress.

Completing these missions is an easy and effective way to earn Battlepacks, be it vehicle, weapon or other skins. All you need to do is to revive 75 fallen comrades. "I wanted to make sure the focus is on team play as much as possible," explains Westie. "And Medic is probably the most team-orientated class in Battlefield 1. I'd like to think this will get people to play Medic properly from now on, but I'm not really convinced that will happen." Yes, damn those Medics who refuse to revive!

You have only a few days to complete the mission. All bets are off come July 17th. According to Westie, DICE will improve the Mission Tracker and it could even be used in other sections of the game.

Source: Twitter

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