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Get your first look at Wild West Online

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So far, PC gamers won't get to play one of 2017's most anticipated games, but at least we'll have Wild West Online. The developer, 612 Games, released the first gameplay trailer which gives us a look at things like character creation, the first town called Stone Creek, and some of the gameplay features. The video runs at 1080p and highlights important game mechanics and a look at different sections of the map.

Wild West Online

  • Character creation includes gender,  face, skin tone, hair colour, and face features.
  • A hotkey provides an immediate highlight of important locations like saloons, barber, gunsmith and more.
  • Newspapers are a valuable source of information about the story, as well as in-game events. So check the newsstand regularly.
  • The current newspaper talks about a big train robbery as well as a bank raid and more.
  • At the clothing store, players can change their outfits - from a new bandana, hats and more.
  • All towns have saloons - the hub of social activity.
  • In saloons, you can talk to NPC's to get quests, or just drink some whiskey.
  • It's also where you can take a brawl against other players, play some poker, or pay to spend some time with one of the attending ladies.
  • Almost all open buildings can be explored, but taking something counts as theft - if someone sees it - which in turns affects your reputation count.
  • If your reputation gets to a certain tipping point you end up on the Most Wanted list.
  • At the Sheriff's office, you can see all those on the list, and enrol as a deputy if you want.
  • If you need cash, just go to the Most Wanted board, drag and drop someone, catch them and collect the bounty.
  • Make sure you pay a visit to a "Rest Cabin" to resupply, regenerate health and stamina, craft things and so on.
  • You can fast travel between cabins.
  • You can also set up a camp site where you can meet up with players for co-op missions.

According to  612 Games, some of the player actions become part of the lore, which is in interesting concept. The gameplay video shows an intriguing world, and it isn't Red Dead, but it will at least scratch that Wild West itch.

I love the co-op feature and authentic feeling to the game - and it's only in alpha stage! Don't miss the open alpha, you can sign up here.

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"some of the player actions become part of the lore"

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