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MWEB sponsors Rush 2017, rAge and more

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It has been a busy two months over at MWEB GameZone. A new editor has taken over the helm, we have just got back from E3 2017 where we partnered with The Nexus to bring the news live to you at ICON 2017. Before that, we were flown to New York City where we got to see the new Acer gaming range in person and were blown away by its sheer power and beauty. 

MWEB GameZone will not stop there as we have so much more in store in the coming weeks that will show how dedicated we are to support the local gaming community in South Africa. We are working hard with local and international partners on new initiatives and ventures such as game prioritisation, local game servers, our MGMS tournaments, gaming specific products, and of course, local media coverage where we bring the best gaming news, reviews, and our ever-growing video content to you. 

We will not stop trying to help grow the gaming community, as the industry grows every day. While the industry is bigger than we could ever imagine, we all need to support each other and help where we can. This includes forming partnerships for upcoming launches, gaming events, and even campaigns where two minds work better than one. 

As you already know, MWEB GameZone is an official sponsor for the Energy Esports team in SA, who just announced a new home at the Nexus. It is here where we provide a 500mbps internet connection to The Nexus venue. We also recently sponsored the ICON 2017 event by providing connectivity. 

As we move into July we are happy to announce that the upcoming Rush Esports event will also be sponsored by MWEB, as we will be sponsoring the connectivity for the event as well as the NAG Winter LAN. The event takes place on 21, 22, and 23 July at the Sandton Convention Centre. MWEB Sales will also be at the venue where we will host a fibre and LTE-A stand. It is here where you can check if your area has coverage and sign up for any ongoing fibre installations in your area and beyond. 

Last, but not least, we recently partnered with rAge as an official sponsor of the event. We will be providing a 4Gpbs line to the venue in October that will cover the LAN as well as all the other internet facilities. 

It is all very exciting and we cannot wait to share more info on other things which we are very busy with at the moment. All we can say is that we are also always looking to help grow the community and provide where we can. 

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"We will not stop trying to help grow the local gaming community"

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