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Everything you need to know about the NAG Winter LAN at Rush this July

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We all know how awesome the NAG LAN comes to rAge in October, but this year you will have two opportunities to take part in a NAG LAN, so double the game time - yay! The rAge team will be hosting their first ever Winter NAG LAN at Rush this July and the best thing of all, it runs over the July school holidays and it is not boiling hot like it is in October.

The NAG LAN is SA's biggest BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) LAN, so the idea that there is now the second one is awesome news. So what is the NAG LAN if you have been hiding under a rock? Well, you will get to spend 53 hours in the LAN and play against over 600 other South Africans on a super-fast internet connection provided by yours truly, MWEB. What you play is up to you, but I have a feeling that most of the gamers at this Winter LAN will be playing some PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - am I wrong?

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Tickets for the LAN cost R600 for three days and the ticket will give you access to the Rush event if you feel like stepping away from your PC every now and then. You don't have to, we won't judge. The LAN kicks off on 21 July and runs through to 23 July. More information on start times and all the finer details will be given to you once you have purchased your ticket. 

Some tips from me who has attended the LAN at rAge before. Bring your PC, console and even your gaming laptop with all your games that are up to date. Make sure you bring all your cables and other goodies else you will have to find a kind soul in the crowd who might have extra. Chairs and tables will be provided to you but they get hard, like sitting on an aeroplane for 27 hours. Bring some pillows to comfort your hiney. Also, bring a sleeping bag if you plan on really doing the NAG LAN properly and sleeping there. There will be stores available to buy food at. 

Find out more on the NAG LAN Facebook Page and purchase your tickets at Computicket

Will you be attending the NAG LAN at Rush this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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