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Join us for the MGMS COD: Infinite Warfare tournament finals

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If you have missed it, MWEB GameZone and ACGL are hosting the first of many Master Series Tournaments this weekend. With 30 teams already signed up, the turnout has been phenomenal. Players will be going head to head this weekend in a battle of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare where they will fight in a double-elimination bracket with R12,000 in prizes up for grabs. 

While entries are already closed, you can watch the all the action live as we are streaming the event as it happens. There will also be a bunch of prizes up for grabs too so be sure to keep your eyes open during the event. We have some Raru vouchers that the shoutcasters will give away during the stream. We will be streaming the last three matches of the MSGM Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Weekend Cup. You will be able to catch the stream on the ACGL YouTube page as well as our own MWEB GameZone page. 

Winners of the tournament are in for quite a package with prizes starting from R6000 cash for first place, all the way up to R1000 Raru vouchers for fourth place.

  • First Place: R6000 cash
  • Second Place: R4000 cash
  • Third Place: R2000 cash + R1000 Raru Vouchers
  • Fourth Place: R1000 Raru Vouchers  

Shoutcasters for the tournament will be none other than Nick "HoldenZACristiano "VnCO_Tiano", and Dalre "Die_Dellas". Make sure to give them a follow and keep up with the event. Below are some more important social links to keep handy during the event. 

Will you be watching the stream? Let us know in the comments below. 

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