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Grab free loot with Call of Duty's Days of Summer

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Earlier this week Activision announced the Modern Warfare Remastered standalone version and we don't know how we feel about it, and so far, fan reception mirror that sentiment. Be that as it may, Activision also announced the Call of Duty Days of Summer that will give players free loot drops across Infinite Warfare, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.

" ... along with Modern Warfare Remastered, we’re also launching a new way to beat the heat in Call of Duty with Days of Summer. Starting today, you can earn a free Days of Summer Supply Drop each week through August 1 at 10am Pacific by logging into the game by Monday at 11:59PM Pacific," announced Activision on the Call of Duty Blog. " Make sure to log in each week or you’ll miss out."

So, instead of opening a crate full of beer, you'll get things "Weapon Kits, Melee Weapons, Emblems, Camos, Reticles, Calling Cards, and Uniforms." But wait, there's more! Players can also "earn a special Sun-soaked Graves character."

To extend the fun, Activision also did a makeover of the Bog map. "The dumpster fires and night setting have been replaced with a beachside hangout filled with sand castles, colorful seaside graffiti, a surfboard shop, café, and more." Players can unlock four Days of Summer themed weapon camos if they complete challenges on Bog. You have until August 1 at 10am Pacific to complete the challenges.

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If cosmetics are your thing, then you can also go on the Prop Hunt where you'll find everything you need for your "beachy hide and slay enjoyment." Who would've thought Call of Duty players were into such things as beach balls and sunshine. Summer fun continues in Infinite Warfare every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with more free goodies. During the event, you can also try out the "Warfighter Rig as Omar, the Merc as Reyes, Synaptic as ETH.3N, FTL as Salter, Stryker as Price, and Phantom as Ghost." If you want to try out the Turista map from the Continuum DLC Map Pack for free, then join Infinite Warfare between today and August 1 at 10am Pacific.

Black Ops 3 fans can "earn a limited Pack-a-Punch camo, and will also be able to play all four of the maps from the Awakening DLC for free, including the waterpark of doom, Splash. And if you happen to own Awakening already, Treyarch will give you Double XP during Days of Summer from 10am PDT on July 11 until 10am PDT on August 1."

Infinite Warfare, Black Ops III, and Modern Warfare Remastered players will be treated to "special playlists, challenges, and events" to power up their Days of Summer experience.

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