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Hellblade in-game character to answer questions in real-time in Facebook Live stream


Talk about doing something innovative, Hellblade developer, Ninja Theory, is hosting a live Q&A session on Facebook Live with Melina Juergens - as her in-game character, Senua. If I'm not mistaken, it's the first of its kind for video games. The event takes place today at 5 pm BST / 9 am PST (6 pm South African time) on Ninja Theory's Facebook page.

"Utilising pioneering real-time cinematography, Melina will drive the in-game character’s performance in real-time via high-end performance capture technology. She will answer fan questions from the event stream, as well as a selection of questions received before the event, live in the guise of Senua," explains Ninja Theory in the press release.

I've talked about Ninja Theory's use of real-time performance capture technology in "Hellblade could show us something we've not yet seen in gaming, VR and film."  Kim Libreri from Epic Games likened Ninja Theory's capture of Jeurgens as Senua to the "holy grail" of game development. "Creating a believable, digital character, that you can interact with has been a holy grail since the birth of computer graphics."

The result Ninja Theory wanted to achieve was to create a virtual human - one that could participate in a live Q&A. Tune in today for the first contact with Hellblade's Senua. If you want to submit a question for Melina, then you can do so via Twitter (@ninjatheory) and Facebook ( using the hashtag #HellbladeLive.

Hellblade releases on 8 August for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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