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Steam Summer Sale Top 5 Bargains

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PC gamers have until July 5th to decide which of the games to purchase that Valve is currently flaunting at their wallets via the Steam Summer Sale. The offerings are so many, and the discounts so great, that one can easily empty your ban account faster than you can scream "Can I call a friend!" Okay, almost as fast as that, but fear not, the MWEB GameZone team is here to help, so before we list our top five must buy, must play games, give these a look:

My top 10 Steam Summer Sale bargains include games that critics and fans found to be exceptional in some way, or games that left an indelible imprint on us after we've reviewed it.

1. Ori And The Blind Forest (Definite Edition)

  • 50% Discount / R110.25

The original version was one of the best games ever to release on Xbox. It was praised by fans and critics alike. There is no doubt, that is one of the most touching, beautiful games ever created. You have to play it, and at half price it's a steal. We had two people review both versions, and both agreed that it was one of the best games they've ever played.

"There is little doubt Ori and The Blind Forest is the most visually-stunning game I've ever played. This is no exaggeration or even really praise, so much as it is description. The quality of the art style, the fluidity of the animations, the variety of colours, the dynamic and varied original score, the adorable, frightening and fantastical sound design all form a sensory wonder onscreen. This side-scrolling platformer frequently brought either a lump in my throat or outright tears, from its combination of heart-wrenching story and heart-punching art." Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition Review

2. Dishonored 2

  • 50% Discount / R309.50

Dishonored 2 on PC had a rough start, but that's all far behind us now, and PC gamers can safely purchase the game and enjoy an incredibly challenging, not to mention beautifully crafted game. Dishonored 2 released just over seven months ago, and if you've been waiting to grab it on sale, then look no further.

"The game offers a unique art-style, that gives a cartoony edge to faces, body types, houses and doors. However, there’s a large injection of realism, too, with stunning lighting, water and textures. The diversity of levels is staggering and each is a work of art. Dishonored 2 is a magnificent game, that not only fills the big shoes left by the first game, but breaks them." Dishonored 2 Review - My Exquisitely Dark Toybox

3. Rise of the Tomb Raider (Anniversary Edition)

  • 60% Discount / R279.60

Rise of the Tomb Raider was lauded for its visually stunning experience on PC. We reviewed the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions, and both versions looked absolutely spectacular - and according to critics and fans, the PC version surpassed both by far. It's one of only a few games on Steam that has only "Very Positive" reviews - almost 18 000 of it and if you know the Steam community, then you'll understand how much that statistic says. The game is just about perfect.

The 20 Year Celebration Edition includes the base game and Season Pass - you'll want to play the extra content, especially Blood Ties that is a heartwarming story that sees Lara search for some sort of proof of her “blood tie” to the Croft family.

4. Wolfenstein The New Order

  • 50% Discount / R294.50

Another gorgeous game on PC, this time with almost 16 000 "very Positive" Steam reviews. At 50% discount it will deliver an incredible value for money experience as the game delivers more than the usual amount of game time. Yes, it's long, very long and worth every minute of play.

"I expected this game to be a generic shooter. I was long bored of shooting Nazis. But Machine Games slapped me in the face with quality and said “Continue?”. This is a sad, frustrating, beautiful, brilliant game. This is the benchmark for modern shooters. Every shooter is within the shadow of the very first Wolfenstein; but now every modern shooter must meet the standard set by The New Order." Wolfenstein: The New Order Review - Sweet Carnival of Horror

5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • 40% Discount / R239.99

Move aside "Very Positive" reviews, The Witcher 3 is the king of all as it currently stands at almost 90 000 "Overwhelmingly Positive" Steam reviews. By know most gamers know how much praise this game received, and how many awards it collected. Suffice to say, it's the darling of all critics and all gamers everywhere. We've played all versions and reviewed all its content, and will include it every time it appears on a sales article - just in case there's a gamer somewhere out there who hasn't yet played The Witcher 3.

"CD Projekt Red has raised the bar for open world games, for male protagonists, for storytelling and for fantasy games. I envy no one who will be tapping into any of those aspects for their game, since this is now the champion and giant, whose shadow it must work under. And what a shadow it casts." The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review P2 - Can’t Say Goodbye

I bought the PC version on a previous Steam sale, and I can only echo what's been said before. It was the new standard in gaming - and still is almost three years after release.

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