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Steam Summer Sale - Top 5 weirdly wonderful games you should buy

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The Steam Summer Sale kicked off a few hours ago; so prepare to empty your wallets and double your library. It can be a daunting thing to decide which games to buy as there are just so many available with incredible discounts. Don't fear, we're here to help, and we'll run a few articles to help you make those important decisions. For today, we'll focus on our top 5 "weirdly wonderful' must buy PC games - those games that fall in a class of their own, and might not be something everyone will love.


  • 70% Discount

ABZÛ reminds of a lucid dream - maybe it's the way the underwater landscape was rendered to display a dream-like world, or maybe it's in the ever-swaying motion of the sea. Everything comes together to induce a form of tranquillity, wonder, dreaminess ... You should know that ABZÛ isn't a scuba simulator - but something resembling that feeling of diving - an experience that changes you. Buy it for only R65.70

Torment: Tides of Numenera

  • 50 % Discount on all editions

If you love old school role-playing games, then this one is a must buy - that being said, it's not a game for everyone. It's not an easy game to get into and has so many layers that make it almost a labour of to explore. The standard edition is now only R299.50.

The vast array of choices and consequences, the confusing and sometimes overwhelming amount of lore as well as the personality different companions bring to your party makes the game something I believe you can play through many times without experiencing all the possibilities," from our double review (two characters) of Torment: Tides of Numera.

South Park The Stick Of Truth

  • 75% Discount

South Park: The Stick of Truth wooed us with its "Unashamedly Uncensored" version. ".. it is an epic fantasy adventure that is so vulgar, disgusting and extremely funny that it is an absolute gem of a game", explained our reviewer. Again, it's not a game for everyone. "The game is a deep, well thought out RPG that will give fans of the television show the time of their life, though, for people who have never watched an episode of South Park or who get easily offended, it might be a confusing and shocking experience." Yours for R99.75, if you dare.

Outlast 2

  • 20% Discount

I played the demo of Outlast 2, and it left such an impression on me that I will never, ever again touch it. Here's why.

It has imprisoned me. Locked me inside a small room in my mind. And I cannot escape. Madness crawls these invisible walls, and across my mind flickers imagery that I know is driving me insane. Fear has possessed me, and I cannot rid myself of its incessant pressure. Death would be a pleasant escape if only its master wasn't THIS. This thing that brings to life unimaginable horror. Read more Outlast 2 demo impressions: Going mad is the only sane thing to do.

If horror beyond imagination is your thing, then buy Outlast 2 for R255.20.

Always Sometimes Monsters

  • 80% Discount

When a game succeeds in tapping into the player's inner dialogue, then you know you're playing something extraordinary. Always Sometimes Monsters is such a game. It's a game about morality, impossible choices, and facing your demons - because we are all, sometimes, monsters.

"It's something everyone should play. It's a reason why video games do more for me than film and, lately, books. If it is showing us the realities of adulthood in us, it is also showing us adulthood in gaming. And that is the only adulthood we should perhaps long for," concluded our reviewer. Buy it right now for only R21.80.

Will you be picking up any "odd" games during the Steam Summer Sale?

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