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Kratos won't be as angry as before - Interview with God of War creator

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We got to sit down with Santa Monica Studio during E3 2017 and chat about their latest adventure in the God of War series. Little did we know that we were in for quite a treat as they spilt the beans on the upcoming game as well as touched on the new details of Kratos' latest journey through Scandinavia with his child.

During the interview, we learned that Kratos will be more subdued in the new title as he tries to protect his boy from the dangers of the world and perhaps his past too.

Santa Monica Studios says that Kratos will go on a journey of self-discovery and the new God of War is not just about killing Gods. We also got some new details about Kratos' son. Atreus will have his own move set and abilities which he can learn, and the studio sees him as a playable character in his own right as he can help Kratos out in battle and during exploration.

Take a look at the full interview below as we dive into the combat, exploration and the deeper character development we can find in God of War. The game is set for release exclusively on PS4 in early 2018. 

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"Kratos will be more subdued in the new title"

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