Gears of War 4's biggest update ever is out now – Adds free trial and much more

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Gears of War 4, developed by The Coalition and published by Microsoft, is a game that everyone should at least play once. With its intense Horde Mode and excellent campaign, the game delivers countless hours of frantic third-person shooter action.

Starting tomorrow, everyone with an Xbox One or a capable gaming PC can experience part of the game for themselves. The latest, and biggest ever Gears of War 4 update, entitled Rise of the Horde, is now out and weighs in at almost 30gb! That’s one massive update, to say the least, and it adds so much to the aforementioned Horde Mode for players to enjoy, for free.

But before we get to what’s new for veteran Gears of War 4 players, let’s take a look at what the free trial offers.

The Gears of War 4 free trial

Xbox One and Windows 10 gamers can jump into the Gears of War 4 experience starting tomorrow, 9 June and running until 15 June. It is a limited time trial, which offers 10 hours of free play in Gears of War 4. You will be able to play the entire first Act of the campaign, which should take about two hours to complete. Further, the free trial offers full access to Horde and Versus modes, which means you can try out everything in the new Rise of the Horde update and of course, the massive amount of multiplayer contents the game already had before the update.

It is important to note that if you don’t play for the full 10 hours, you can still finish up your time left even after 15 June. Further, The Coalition is also offering special bonuses for free trial players to earn as they play, for example, weapon skins, new Horde Skills and guaranteed characters.

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Below, you can check out what’s new in the massive Rise of the Horde update.

Crossplay and new difficulty levels 

Crossplay in Ranked has arrived. Xbox One and Windows 10 players can now play together to earn the highest rank possible, which is extremely exciting news. However, the developer knows that not every console player wants to play with those on PC and vice versa, so there is a Crossplay Toggle for Xbox One players so they can choose whether or not they want to play with those on Windows 10.

As if Gears of War 4 wasn’t difficult enough, two new difficulty levels, namely Inconceivable and Ironman Mode has been added to the game. The developer explains the news difficulty levels:

“Prepare to take on the toughest fight in Gears of War history with the new Inconceivable difficulty level, coming to both Campaign and Horde. In Horde, Inconceivable is a direct step up from Insane – you’ll be even weaker, and your enemies will be even stronger. Level up your skills to their new Level 6 peak and maximize the bonuses of your classes if you want to get through all 50 Waves of Inconceivable. Unlock Inconceivable Difficulty for Horde by beating 50 consecutive waves of Insane.

In Campaign, Inconceivable takes a more Survival based twist, giving you less health than Insane difficulty but also less health to your enemies. That’s because surviving on Inconceivable is all about effectiveness - weapons and crates drop significantly less ammunition, so you’ll have to make every shot count with whatever pickups you can find on the battlefield.

Unlock Inconceivable Difficulty for Campaign by beating the Campaign on Insane. In addition, Ironman Mode comes to both Horde and Campaign with Rise of the Horde. Ironman means one simple thing – don’t die. In Campaign, one death will restart your game back to square one. In Horde, no COG tags will be dropped when you die and one failed wave spells the end of your run to Wave 50.

You can toggle Ironman on any difficulty that suits you, and there are some achievements out there to chase for fans willing to take on the ultimate high-risk challenge! Plus, exclusive to Horde, Ironman adds a 5% XP bonus for all XP earned and XP Bounties completed during the match.” - Source

Two classic Gears maps released

Those with the Gears of War 4 Season Pass can play both the two classic Gears maps, Avalanche and Rust Lunge, right now and receive double XP and 20% Bonus Credits. For those without a Season Pass, you can play both the maps starting 13 June when they arrive in Public Matchmaking. 

Avalanche - "The Gears of War 2 map you know and love is back. Set in a mountainside resort, this village sits below a mountain with an unstable build-up of snow at its peak. During the match, the snow avalanches onto the battlefield, killing anything in its path and changing the entire middle of the map. Prepare to fight for the Boomshot the moment the snow falls."

Avalanche map Gears 4.jpg

Rust Lung - "This returning map from Gears of War 3 brings an intense close-quarters flavor to this month’s map drop. Cover in the middle of the map can be dropped or raised with the press of a button – sneak around your opponents flank to give them a nasty surprise as their cover disappears from right in front of them!"

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New class skills to collect

With the release of Rise of the Horde comes 15 new Horde Skills across the five classes for players to collect. Further, both the new and old skills can now be taken to Level 6, which makes them “even stronger than before”. Below, you can check out all the skills per class.


  • Flow – Take reduced damage while repairing fortifications
  • Overclock – Increase the rate which Weapon Lockers replenish ammo
  • Salvage – Enemies killed by your sentries have a chance of dropping ammo magazines


  • Thick Skin – Take reduced damage from explosions
  • Berserker – While carrying a heavy weapon you deal more damage as your health gets lower
  • Last Stand – While carrying a heavy weapon you take less damage as your health gets lower


  • Dodge – Take reduced damage while roadie running
  • Speed Loader – Roadie running will reload your equipped weapon automatically with Active Reload rounds
  • Cloak – Being stationary and in cover for seconds will cloak you from enemies – leaving the cover or shooting will remove the cloak. Shoot enemies from Cloak for a small damage boost.


  • Steady Hand – Take less damage and have reduced camera shake (when being attacked) while aiming or scoping
  • Magic Bullet – Critical hits with precision rifles (Longshot, Markza, EMBAR) penetrate through enemies and increase the damage of the next shot
  • Called Shot – Targets you mark take increased damage from all sources


  • Siphon – Planted grenade kills cause enemies to drop more
  • Power Resupply – Regenerates one grenade every [X] seconds (up to starting loadout number)
  • Assault Rifle Accuracy – Assault Rifles become more accurate the longer they are fired while in cover

The update also includes 20 new achievements, offering 500 total Gearscore for players to earn. Further, the iconic Wings symbol makes its return and a variety of gameplay balance changes and fixes. Without a doubt, it is the biggest and arguably the best Gears of War 4 update ever releases and we can’t wait to jump into the Rise of the Horde update this weekend!

What do you think about the massive Gears of War 4 update and will you be trying out the free trial this weekend? Let us know in the comment section below.

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