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Acer for Gaming united some of the most unexpected gamers in SA

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When you think about a gamer, what comes to mind? Well, I know my entire life I have been fighting that stereotypical box that all gamers are put in. You must be male, you must be bearded, and you must be willing to sit on the couch all day, eat burgers and play World of Warcraft. You could blame South Park for this view on gamers, but in the end, society is what society is and they will preconceive anything they want.

In an attempt to bring a different group of gamers together for one night, Acer, Samantha Wright, and a few other people like Zoe Hawkins, Pippa Tshabalala, and Chantelle Alexander teamed up to host a female-based gaming evening. I cannot explain the vibe to you as it was something I had never experienced before. 

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Ladies from all aspects of life, ages and most of all backgrounds met up at the Nexus to simply play games. My most memorable moment was watching girls from Parktown Girls High School jam Overwatch together and know what they were doing. Now call me part of the problem, but when I first heard about this Acer for Gaming event, I went through the usual mindset. I thought the event would be filled with girl wanna-be gamers who have no idea what in the world they are doing. Instead, I as completely wrong and what followed was a celebration of gaming from the most amazing kids and people I have ever met. 

Everyone was so willing to learn new things and try VR. Overwatch was playable as well as Injustice 2, and Rocket League. Daughters were challenging their mums and dads to fights, and little 5-year old girls were scooting around the field trying to hit the ball into the net. There were no cliques, just everyone playing what they loved the most. 

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What was even more welcoming were the older ladies who are hardcore gamers and play every day just like you and me. Chatting to some of them was so refreshing to hear that during the day they are HR managers, and at night they pop online and take down Crota in Destiny. Every person at the event had an amazing story to tell. These are the gamers we need to focus on and bring into the mainstream industry with us. We should not have to host a special event to find them and mingle with them. The main reason behind the Acer for Gaming was to discover just how big the outside gaming audience is, and I think considering the tickets were sold out in minutes, it is a big deal. 

We need to unite all gamers outside of special occasions. Gaming is a love we all share, and no matter what age, gender, race, or sexual orientation it should be something we can all just enjoy. The young girls last night didn't care what the world thought of them, or how bad they were, they just lived in the moment. Instead of harping on the skill level of their playstyle and making jokes about it, they embraced everything the gaming industry had to offer. This is the example of a true gamer. 

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"Gaming is a love we all share, and no matter what age, gender, race, or sexual orientation"

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