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Overwatch: Take a look at these awesome fan-made hero concepts

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While Overwatch currently has 24 well-designed, interesting heroes to choose from, each with unique and different abilities, there are some amazing fan-made Hero concepts, which I am sure a lot of people would love to get their hands on and jump into Quick Play to test them out. Here is a list of a few fantastic fan-made hero concepts, including abilities.



Artist: Mario Manzanses


Zameen carries two main weapons, Snake Bites (Primary Weapon) and Shisha Cannon (Secondary Weapon)

Zameen Skill 1.jpg

Snake Bites (Primary Fire)

Zameen's Primary fire is a long range venom projectile shot, poisoning the enemy for a short duration.

Shisha Cannon (Secondary Weapon)

Zameen's secondary weapon is a short range venomous cloud that poisons and drains the subject’s life over a short time. Primary and secondary weapons can be swapped out at any time by pressing the button mapped to next weapon.

Snake Charmer:

Casts a Hard - Light snake that is targeted at an enemy hero, when the snake bites, it explodes in a cloud of poison that damages and dazes its target.

Zameen Skill 2.jpg

Shisha Bomb (Ultimate Ability):

Releases a tank full of venomous smoke that poisons and drains and enemy heroes within the bombs range, allies are immune to the poison.

Zameen could overall be an interesting hero and would possibly fit into the offence class, though the ability "Snake Charmer" could be a little bit unbalanced as it could lead to almost instantly eliminating any 200 - 250 HP Hero with a successful "Wombo Combo" with the combination of his primary fire and the snake charmer ability.

Zameen Skill 3.jpg

Witch Doctor

Artist: Nevolin Konstintin

The Witch Doctor aka Nazibo Umbara, age 35, coming out of Congo, a defence hero focused around Crowd control abilities, and the summoning of his minions could be the most unbalanced and overpowered hero on this list with his ultimate ability giving you complete control over any enemy hero that is targeted.



Poison Dart Gun (Primary Fire)

Witch Doctor shoots a deadly poison dart that poisons and enemy target dealing damage per second

Fetish Army (Ability 1)

Summons an army of 3 mechanical fetishes that automatically attacks the nearest enemy within range of the ability.

Horrify (Ability 2)

Summons a spirit that horrifies all enemies within 10 yards, causing them to tremor in fear and be immobilised for 5 seconds.

Hex (Ultimate Ability)

Witch Doctor possesses the enemy hero and takes them under control for 10 seconds, also enabling them to use the possessed hero's abilities to their advantage.


The Witch Doctor is a great concept with amazing artwork and character design. His abilities are a bit questionable, and could likely lead to a lot of players reaching "Tilt" level between the summoning of little fiends running around, like it was call of duty with the dog killstreak, to being constantly stunned and immobilized in fear and losing control over your character and your abilities for 10 seconds.It's safe to say that the Witch Doctor is a great concept but would not fit into the world of Overwatch as it stands.


Artist: Alena Medovnikova

Drake, known as the "One shot master" known to Charismatically immobilize enemies, is a Bomb projectile shooting Defence Hero with the potential to hook and one shot any "Squishy" Hero (Because we need another RoadHog) Drake consists of an interesting Skillset and an awesome passive ability.


Cannon Fodder (Primary Fire)

Drake's primary fire is a bolt action rifle firing a single shot from his cannon.

Deadly Storm (Ability 1)

Fires a trio of bombs causing damage to a small area at one time, could be used as a crowd control ability, and to cause respectable damage to shields and barriers.

Boarding Attack (Ability 2)

The ability to target an enemy hero with a hook and stun them for a brief moment.It is unclear whether the hook brings the enemy closer to you, similar to Road Hog, if so we hope that you cannot get hooked from one map to another like Hook 1.0


Curse Of Davy Jones (Passive Ability)

After Drake dies, he releases himself as a ghost for a short period of time.

Black Mark (Ultimate Ability)

Drake's Ultimate ability is a crowd control area effect causing all enemies in the area to be stunned for 2 seconds.

Drake is a well-designed, defence hero with a few unique abilities in his skill set and could fit into the Overwatch world. He could bring some excitement to the defence class if utilised correctly.


Artist: Julian Del Rey

Jade is a hero reliant on her electromagnetic energy and plasmic waves, allowing her to use her viper pit weapon for close to medium range engagements, and her plasma wave for any long distance attacks.



Viper Pit (Primary Fire)

Medium Range projectile plasma weapon dealing direct damage to the enemy.

Plasma Wave (Secondary Fire)

Charges and releases a long range plasma wave damaging anything in its path, similar to Reinhardt’s fire strike. Jade’s Plasma Wave penetrate's through all shields and barriers, though being a charged shot, the plasma wave is still able to do reliable damage.

Photon Sword (Ability 1)

Charge and release the melee weapon with electromagnetic energy, while rapidly dashing forwards and inflicting damage to any enemy in her way.

The sword hovers on her back, connecting with a magnetic force.

Ultra Shield (Ability 2)

Emits a personal barrier, that deflects all incoming projectiles while healing herself for a small amount


Passive Jump

Jade jumps higher than any other hero, thanks to her mechanically modified legs.

Earth wave-Shock (Ultimate Ability)

Unleash a mighty photon earth wave shock, that inflicts severe damage to the enemy heroes in the area.

Jade provides us with a unique skill set that comes nothing close to anything we have now currently on Overwatch, besides the plasma wave. Jade's electromagnetic weapon set is something different and interesting.


Artist: Esther Smisdom

Venus is a close range offense hero, using her ability of nature control to torment her foes.



Vine (Primary Fire)

Venus extracts a vine from her body that she uses as a whip, that is quick, powerful and used at close range.

Vine (Secondary Fire)

Venus extracts a vine from her body that hits slower than her primary fire, but is bigger and hits multiple targets at once.

Vine Movement (Ability 1)

Shoots a vine towards a wall or the ground and dashes towards it, can be used to reach the higher ground or retreat from any engagement that is going downhill.

Heal Spore (Ability 2)

Venus releases a cloud of spores in an AOE that heals teammates as they walk through the cloud.

Big Disrupt (Ultimate Ability)

Venus releases her vines into the ground, resurfacing and restraining any enemy hero caught inside of them.

Currently, in Overwatch, there is no form of hero that has the ability to control nature through her skill set in a form of vines, and roots.It would be a fantastic addition to see a hero similar to this, and Venus is well designed and fits the theme of the Overwatch world.



Artist: Edie Rodriguez

Rescue is a unique hero on this list, being the second animal character. Rescue is a support hero (Obviously) from its impressive passive ability to gradually move faster the longer it evades damage, and the unique way of healing its teammates by delivering health packs to them, to its wall jump. Rescue is the ultimate point staller, though only having 150 HP with 100 being shields, Its provides quick and reliable healing to Medium to low HP hero’s, and respectable support to tank characters.



Mounted Laser cannons (Primary fire)

Rescue shoots 8 fast moving projectiles, causing a slow effect, dealing 2 damage per projectile, holding 32 in a single clip.


Feral Charge (Ability 1)

Charges forward into it enemies causing a damage of 25 and knocking them back, while increasing its speed to level 2 granted that any movement is not interrupted.


Health Pack Fetch/Deploy (Ability 2)

Rescue has 3 slots in its bag, one mini health pack that takes up one slot and a large health pack that takes up 2 Slots, once the health packs have been gathered, It deploys them to any teammates in need.



Enhanced Speed (Passive Ability)

Rescue has 3 levels of movement, after 3 seconds of constant movement its speed increases to level  2 (11 meters per second) after running for 5 seconds in level 2, its speed reaches level 3 (16.5 meters per second). If Rescue's movement is halted or interrupted for any damage or impaired affect her movement speed resets to level 1


Motivational Howl (Ultimate Ability)

Rescue gives all teammates a 30% damage boost across the map for 10.75 seconds, in addition, its speed is automatically increased to level 3 for the duration of the ability.

Motivational howl's effect is ended once Rescue is eliminated, and she is immobile while casting her ultimate ability.


The unique support hero, being a man's best friend would be an amazing addition to Overwatch, providing decent healing across the board. With the lack of damage, Rescue makes it up with her mobility and her ability to provide a strong damage buff with her ultimate ability.


Artist: Singer KO 

Offense hero, age 17, formerly affiliated with Overwatch, a student-athlete from Glendale Arizona is a Goo Shooter, enabling him to slow enemy heroes that are hit by his sticky goo.



Bounce Blaster (Primary Fire)

Ricochet fires a small bunch of goo that bounces off of any surface that they hit, dealing damage over time.

Sticky Goo (Ability 1)

Charges up his blaster and launches a large ball of goo that will splatter on the ground and slow any enemy passing through it. Any direct hits will stun them for a short duration.

Grapple Tongue (Ability 2)

Shoots out a tongue that attaches to any surface and propels him towards his destination. If attached to a vertical wall, Ricochet can mount there for a brief period, and shoot down on his enemies.

Splash Down (Ultimate Ability)

Crouches down for a short moment then springs up into the sky, he will be able to look down and target his enemy.If he lands on his enemy he will spring back up and repeat it, with each successful land it will increase its damage, landing 4 in a row will result in a massive AOE Blast.



Artist: Katya Cyan

Nyan is a talented Physicist, also the lead researcher of the Omnic fields, guarded by her hell-bound Omnic dogs.Originally from Cape Town, Nyah yields a scythe looking like a weapon in her Exoskeleton suit.



Disintegration staff (Primary Fire)

High - Tech Railgun weapon conjuring highly powered EM (Electro Magnetic) Fields, enough to shoot metal objects at extreme speeds

Grim Scythe (Secondary Fire)

Ion Based energy blade simply cutting all in its path in two


Assemble Hellbound (Ability 1)

Assembles up to 2 highly mobile omnic guard dogs that pursues the closest enemy target, stunning them in position for easy targeting.


Leaching Field Strike (Ability 2)

Electromancer infusing his next attack to leech energy from stricken foes as energy shields.

All For One (Ultimate Ability)

Electromancer catalyses herself and hellbound into one continuous state splitting all damage between them.

Nyah is an amazing looking character, well-designed, and would be an awesome feature to the game if it was not for the ability to cut everyone and everything in 2 with a non-Ultimate Ability. Her summoning of the Hellbound Dogs could be an interesting feature as there are no summoners currently in Overwatch, though I am not sure if the Overwatch team would ever want to head in the direction of adding heroes with the ability to summon extra allies as it would basically make it an instant 7 vs 5. Nonetheless, awesome concept.


Artist: Carlos Ruiz

Lyra is a Bolt action rifle wielding, with a small magazine but deals high damage.Accompanied by her ally Derven which marks certain enemies during the duration of the game.



Bolt Action Rifle (Primary Fire)

consists of a small magazine, with a slow fire rate, but outputs massive damage with precision aiming.

Incendiary Capsule (Ability 1)

creates and shoots out a capsule that explodes on impact and causes a small area of fire damage.

Two Sedative Capsules (Ability 2)

Consists of two capsules, the first shot slows on impact and the second shot will sleep the target for a few seconds or until the damage is dealt against the slept target.


Derven (Passive Ability)

Derven flies around the map and periodically marks one enemy that is standing on the objective for a few seconds, only Lyra can see the marked target.

Derven Controlled (Ultimate Ability)

Control Derven and release up to 3 small explosives before his shield is destroyed or the timer expires.


Lyra gives off a small resemblance of Ana, wielding a bolt action rifle, providing your team with good damage and aerial support with her ultimate ability. 

There are many amazing fan-made hero concepts, a few might be a little overpowered, but the thought and effort behind the abilities and the overall look of each character are amazing.

Which of these heroes would you love to have in the game? Let us know in the comments below. 

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